How to Add Multiplier Codes to a Customer Record

In Enterprise multiplier codes (markups) can be used to save time, and adhere to billing agreements made with a customer. Multiplier codes can be applied to a customer's parent record that will default into the departments, sub-departments and their orders.

Navigate to a customer's defaults page and select multiplier codes from the list of options. 

*Note* If this is the first time you are setting up multiplier codes for this customer, note that the system code of "None" displays with a priority of 1.  Think of this as the factory default setting.  By adding a multiplier code to the customer you are overriding the factory default.

To add new multiplier codes, select the + icon (1.);  doing so will open the following window: 

Select from the dropdown to apply the multiplier code that you wish to use for the customer.

*Note* If the dropdown is blank, or if the multiplier code you are looking for is not listed, the code has not yet been added in your database's administration section.  

The priority field accepts numeric values and designates a code's order of appearance in the multiplier dropdown of order and assignment records. A priority of 1 designates the default for the customer. The priority is automatically assigned as the next available number, following a standard numerical order. 

Users may add as many codes as necessary to the customer record, but no two codes can share the same priority value.In the following example, the new multiplier code has been given a priority of 2, as the system code of 1 already exists. 

Click save to add the multiplier code to the record.

Once saved, the multiplier code(s) will appear in the defaults section. Check the apply multiplier codes to departments box to automatically populate the default codes established on a customer's record into all of its child departments; the multiplier codes will then flow into any departments for the customer.  These will now flow into any/all departments that exist below the level of the customer hierarchy you created the multiplier code in.

After multiplier codes are saved within the defaults section, click the save icon to confirm your changes.

After the multiplier code(s) is saved, the system level multiplier code will be officially erased/overridden by the customer level code(s) and is visible within the multiplier codes section and the save icon will no longer bolded.

*Note* The multiplier code of none is useful where the pay and bill rate fluctuates outside of a customer's standard markup. 

Edit a multiplier code by clicking to highlight it and selecting the pencil icon (1.), or double clicking directly on the multiplier code. To delete a multiplier code, click to highlight it and click the x icon (2.).  

If user attempts to delete, or modify a multiplier code that is currently being used on orders or assignments, the following error will appear:

After all changes are saved, multiplier code(s) will populate within the multiplier dropdown on the order's details page.

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