How to Create HTML Hyperlinks

How to Create HTML Hyperlinks

Do you have safety videos that employees have to watch on a specific website? Quizzes or informational websites that employees need access to? Adding hyperlinks to HRCenter allows your employees to access these links with ease. This document will walk users through the process of creating/adding hyperlinks (html) to be used in a survey or added to the landing page of HRCenter.

First, you will need to decide whether you would like the links to be part of a survey or your landing page. One must ask how you want the applicant to move through the process, selecting links from the landing page allows alternate options for the employee/applicant to navigate away from HRCenter. Surveys can be integrated within the application to ensure applicants fill out or preview pertinent information in order to work with your company.

Once this is decided, navigate to the administration section of HRCenter and select  Surveys or Tenants.

Creating hyperlinks in Surveys

Within administration start by creating a new survey. For additional help on creating surveys navigate to How to Create Surveys.


Once the display name, description, and private name are entered, add a group.

Enter the title of the website, video, or informational page as your group name (1.). In the following example this will be a safety video. From the add group area select the add question (2.) option.

Within the questions panel users will add the html code and insert the hyperlink information . There are two types of html codes users can choose from.

1. <a href=""></a> -  This html code will leave HRCenter and navigate to the webpage.

2.<a href=" target="_blank"></a>-  This html code allows users to remain in HRCenter and open the link in a new window. 

As an example, the safety video will be added using option 1 html code.  Place the html code in and add the link information within the quotes"" ,  the display name is added between the >< icons and describes what the link actually is (workplace safety) vs. seeing it in code format.

Option 1:

*Note- If you are creating html hyperlinks as a survey you must enter in answers options. 

In the example below, the html code has been added along with additional questions and answers. 

Option 2:

After the survey is created, a page must be created to incorporate it within your workflow.  Navigate to How to Create Pages to learn more about page  creation within HRCenter.

Once the page is created and added to the workflow, applicants will now be able to select the hyperlinks and navigate accordingly.

Creating hyperlinks in a landing page

You may utilize this option to add hyperlinks on the landing (home) page within HRCenter . This can be beneficial if you want applicants to navigate to your job board, company website, etc. 

Navigate to Tenants (1.), Update Custom Landing Page Message (2.).

Within the Edit Custom Text Localizations window, enter the verbiage you wish to appear on your HRCenter landing (home) page along with either Option 1 or Option 2 hyperlink code. 

In the below example we can see that both hyperlink options have been added within the Text section. 

Note to new users: the Password must be at least 7 characters. If you have worked with High Tech Staffing before, please contact a staffing representative at your local branch before beginning the application. To search for new job opportunities please visit our job board <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>. If you have any questions about your current employee record with High Tech Staffing please contact us <a href=""></a>.

Within the HRCenter landing (home) page applicants will now see the text including the additional hyperlinks added in.

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