How to Set Up Default Job Descriptions

Do you find yourself frequently copying and pasting long job descriptions for specific job titles?  Do your hands cramp when manually typing out description after description on several orders?  Do we have the solution for you!

Under the customer > defaults section in Enterprise you can set up default job descriptions.  These job descriptions will then auto-populate on any order created for that customer using that specific job title.  Select Job Descriptions and the '+' icon in the upper right hand corner to add a new default job description entry.

*Note * To apply these job descriptions to customer departments as well, select the checkbox "Apply Job Description to Departments".

You will then be prompted to select a skill code (job title).  Whenever you create an order that uses this job title, the job description will auto-populate in the order details section.  Public job description will override what is entered in Job Description and be web public on the job board (if applicable).

See below for an example - any time an order is created for this customer using a job title of "Accountant", the Job Description auto-populates.

*Note * after the order is created, if you change the job title, the job description will remain unchanged.  It will only update if the new job title you are selecting is also set up under customer defaults > job description.

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