Location Specific Vacation and Sick Time Setup

In an effort to accommodate the various city, state, and county vacation and sick time requirements, Enterprise offers location specific vacation and sick time.  These changes were effective as of June 26, 2015.

Additions to Enterprise Accrual Functionality:

  • Accruals will have 3 different balances associated with them:
    • Total accrued balance - The total amount accrued less the total amount depleted.
    • Eligible balance - The number of hours that have been accrued that have met delay requirements.
    • Available balance - The number of hours that currently can be used by the employee.  It is the eligible balance less any hours over the annual maximum.

Administration Setup:

  • Accrual setup has the ability to set a number of days delay before the accrual begins (1.)  For instance, there may be a delay before employees can begin accruing their sick or vacation time.  This should include the number of days of delay.
  • Accrual setup has the ability to set a number of days before the accrual is available to be used (2.)
  • Accruals have a location mapping system.  Accruals can be associated with a city/state.  Accruals that are mapped to a location will automatically be added to an employee record, if the employee is assigned to a worksite in that city/state (3.)
  • Accruals are hierarchy driven.  This allows you to have separate accruals for individual groups of employees (IE:  Staff vs. Temp) (4.)
  • A proofing error has been added to warn of any employees you are attempting to pay who are assigned to a worksite in a location with an accrual mapped to it if there is no accrual setup.  This proofing error ensures any employees who were assigned prior to you adding the accrual into your system will be flagged:

Prior to a location specific accrual going into effect in an area, you will need to do the following:

1. Set up your accruals in all options ⇒ administration.

2. Request to have your check stub modified to include the accrual information.

3. Identify which paycodes will deplete the balance of each accrual.  You will need to have a unique depleting code for each accrual.  This will allow for handling of multiple location accruals for a single employee.

4. After the start date of the accrual requirement in a location, request to have a script run on your system to add accruals to existing assigned employees.

The information that will be required from you when requesting accrual setup/location mapping:

  • Accrual name
  • Which city/state this accrual applies to
  • Accrual rate*
  • Delay number of days before accrual
  • Delay number of days before eligible
  • Carry over amount
  • How many hours can be used in a calendar year

*Note*  Enterprise accruals are calculated on a per hour worked basis.  For example, the California 1 hour earned for every 30 hours worked would be set up as an accrual rate of .033.

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