Location Specific Vacation and Sick Time Setup

Location Specific Accruals

In an effort to accommodate the various city, state, and county vacation and sick time requirements, Enterprise offers location specific vacation and sick time.  To setup this type of accrual, first setup your accrual to follow the rules that govern that package. 

Location accruals will automatically map to employees who work within specific location setup on the employee record.

Prior to a location specific accrual going into effect in an area, you will need to do the following:

1. Setup your accruals in all options ⇒ administration.

2. Request to have your check stub modified to include the accrual information.

3. Identify which pay codes will deplete the balance of each accrual.  You will need to have a unique depleting code for each accrual.  This will allow for handling of multiple location accruals for a single employee.

4. (Optional) After the start date of the accrual requirement in a location, request to have a script run on your system to add accruals to existing assigned employees. This can be performed by a TW representative.

For help setting up those accruals check out How to Setup and Manage Accrual.

Administration Setup

Navigate to the 'administration' section of enterprise. Here, locate the 'accruals' sub-section: 

Below is an example of an accrual that has been set up for California titled "Cal. Sick leave." In the upper portion of the accrual, it has been setup to calculate hourly and to accrue when the reg pay code is used and to be used when the sick pay code is used:

In the lower portion, we can see the 'location mappings' associated with the accrual. This accrual has been set to automatically attach itself to any employee working in California. To edit this field, simply select the state this accrual should apply to. If a specific city should be considered, you may also input the name of that city in the city field.  Be sure to consider spelling when using these fields as no validation errors exist:

In the screen shot below, four very important fields have been highlighted which should be considered when adding a location based accrual:

  1. Accruals are hierarchy driven.  This allows you to have separate accruals for individual groups of employees (IE:  Staff vs. Temp). 
  2.  Accrual setup has the ability to set a number of days before the accrual is available for use.
  3.  Accruals have a location mapping system.  Accruals can be associated with a city/state.  If the employee is assigned to a worksite in that city/state, the accruals that are mapped to that location will automatically be added to an employee record.
  4.  Accrual setup has the ability to set a number of days delayed before the accrual begins.  There may be a delay before employees can begin accruing their sick or vacation time.  This should include the number of days of delay.

*Note* A proofing error has been added to warn of any employees you are attempting to pay who are assigned to a worksite in a location with an accrual mapped to it if there is no accrual setup.  This proofing error ensures that any employees who were assigned prior to you adding the accrual into your system will be flagged.

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