How to Log in to TempWorks

Before we begin, verify your version of Windows is version 7 or newer, which is required in order to use the RemoteApp and Desktop Connection.

To log in, begin by navigating to  

This will open Enterprise in a RemoteApp Desktop Connection. This connection method allows users to operate faster, download documents faster, adjust TempWorks window size on laptop/desktop monitors and tear off pages within TempWorks.

You will then be prompted to enter your username and password (this is the same username and password you currently use to log in to TempWorks).

Be sure that you enter your username with the domain\ (host\) first:

To access your TempWorks database, simply double click on the "E" icon beneath "Current folder:/" as shown below:

That database will automatically download (as an RDP file) and you will then have the option to open said database:

After opening the RDP file, a pop-up will require you to select 'Connect' before continuing.

You will then be asked to log in again using the same credentials as you did for

After logging in you will be greeted with the TempWorks home screen. 

Using TempWorks Enterprise via the RemoteApp, users are able to adjust the size of their Enterprise window (and move it across screens if using multiple monitors), as shown below:

Additionally, users can "tear off" pages into new browsers whenever they see the  icon:

Finally, when users save a document/file from Enterprise with the RemoteApp, that file will go into the user's PC C: drive. 

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