Customers: How to Review and Approve WebCenter Time Cards

How to Process WebCenter Timecards: 

1. Review Timecards: 

Begin by navigating to the (1.) timecards tab within WebCenter: 

Once there, a table will display with all timecards that have been submitted by employees and are ready to be reviewed. 

*Note- If nothing appears in the timecards area, ensure that you have setup the contact with a contact role on the correct order(s). Not sure how to do this , How to Apply Customer Contact Roles to Departments and Orders

*Note- If the contact is added to the order after the employee(s) have submitted time, the contact/employee will need to resubmit the timecards in order for them to appear under the review tab. Not sure how to do this, Customers: How to Edit and Submit Time Cards

Notice that there are different tabs that will change your view within the timecards section of WebCenter. 

♦ All: Displays every timecard within WebCenter. 

♦ Review: Displays timecards that have been submitted by employees are are ready for your approval. Users can select to approve or reject submitted                   timecards.

♦ Rejected:  Displays timecards that have been denied in the review process and are waiting to be re-submitted by employees.

♦ Past Due: Displays timecards that from previous weeks that have not yet been submitted by employees.

The (2.) details section allows users to further investigate the specifics of a timecard. (5.) Hovering over any of the icons will display additional information and options: 

2. Reject and/or Approve Timecards: 

Upon reviewing timecards, users can make one of two selections - (3.) approve or reject. 

♦ To reject timecards: 

Select the reject or (4.) reject remaining button. This will open a reject timecards window where users will required to specify why they are rejecting the timecard. All text listed will be automatically emailed to the employee who owns the timecard. When a timecard is rejected it is also simultaneously unlocked so that employee(s) can make the appropriate corrections and resubmit for a second review.

♦ To approve timecards: 

Select the (3.) approve or (4.) approve remaining button. When users select to approve an individual timecard, the status is immediately updated to approved

When selecting to (4.) approve remaining timecards as a group, the approve timecards window will open to verify the action: 

Viola! You are done! Now that your submitted timecards have been approved, your staffing provider is able to complete the payroll process. 

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