Customer: How to Edit and Submit Timecards

WebCenter offers users the capability to create, edit, submit, reject, and approve timecards. This document will walk users through the process of editing and submitting WebCenter timecards for approval.  
Note: Unsure of where submitted timecards go? Ask your staffing provider, as every client may be setup slightly differently. 

How to Edit and Submit WebCenter Timecards: 
1. Review Timecards:
Begin by navigating to the (1.) timecards section of WebCenter. All timecards that have been created will display on this page. 

Review timecard information via the (2.) total hours, and gross pay listed per transaction. If you'd like to make any changes to the timecard,  simply select details to expand the timecards specifics:


From here, punch in/out, breaks, and lunch in/out times can be updated as needed. Any changes that are made are automatically (and immediately) applied to the timecard. Additionally, (4.) paycodes can be changed, timecards can be printed, and adjustments can be added from the detail view:

Note: Does your timecard look totally different from the one shown here? No need to panic - there are a variety of WebCenter timecard templates, your staffing provider has in all likelihood assigned you a template different from the one shown in this example.
Trainer Tip: If you'd like to review the timecard history for any transactions, simply hover over the (3.)i icon to view a full history of who has interacted with the timecard and when:

2. Submit Timecards:
Ready to submit timecards? Decide if you'd like to submit all timecards together as a group or individually. 
♦ Submit All: If all timecards appear accurate after a visual review, simply select the check box (5.) adjacent to the week ending to mark all timecards within that week as ready for submittal.  
♦ Submit Individually: If you would like to submit timecards individually, simply select the (6.) check box that corresponds with each line that is ready to be submitted. 

Once you have made your selection, click the (7.) submit selected timecards button to finalize the submittal. 
The submitted timecards window will pop-up as verification that timecards that have been successfully submitted: 

3. Unlock Timecards and Edit (As Needed): 
Do you need to make changes to timecards that have been submitted? As long as they have not been approved and processed through payroll, users can select to (8.) unlock a timecard. Selecting unlock immediately removes the timecards submitted status and allows users to make changes:

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