Worksite Based Accrual

Worksite based accruals are a great way to track accrual packages based on a said location the employee will be working at. This can be beneficial for you as a staffing company if this is a policy you wish to implement or have to follow specific regulations.

Worksite Accrual Setup

Navigate to the customer record you wish to apply worksite location accruals.  Once there, select the worksite(s) you wish to setup the accrual package for. You may either edit an existing work site (1.) or add a new one (2.) if needed. If you are not sure how to setup a work site, follow this link: Departments vs. Worksites

Once in the setup-work site details wizard, navigate to accruals:

Within the drop-down, you will see accruals to select from. If this list is blank, you will need to setup the accrual package(s) within the administration section of Enterprise. If you are not sure how to setup accruals, follow the link: How to Setup and Manage Accruals. After you select which accrual you wish to apply to the work site, select 'Save' and continue:

Any newly created orders with this worksite selected will automatically have the accrual package set in place. As you assign employees to this order, the assignments will take on the accrual package, as well as update the employee file with the package. 

Tonya Guerra has been assigned to the order with worksite B setup.

On the assignment record for Tonya, the accruals tab will house the accrual from the worksite:

On Tonya's employee record, the package is automatically added as well:

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