Granting Sec Roles as a Superuser

The “Sec Role SuperUser” security role will allow users to assign security roles to other users, regardless of whether they themselves have that role or not.  It is recommended this role only be assigned to those with administrative rights in Tempworks Enterprise. 

*Note* Please assign this sec role with caution as it will allow the user to give ANY sec role to any user (as opposed to sec roles they only have themselves)

To assign the role:

Navigate to all options > administration > sec roles:

Select the user you wish to assign the sec role to by typing in the rep’s name in the search column on the left hand side, or by scrolling through the available service reps.

The sec roles displayed on the right will update to whatever roles that user is currently assigned.

To manage the roles

select the edit pencil in the upper right hand corner.

Select “Sec role SuperUser” from the list of available sec roles on the left. Click on the '+' button to bring the highlighted sec role over to the assigned sec role list.

Click 'Save' for changes to update.

Any user with a sec role of “Sec Role SuperUser” will now be able to assign users any sec roles, regardless if they have them themselves, from the all options > administration > sec roles area.

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