Security Role Management

What are security roles?

Security roles define what a service rep (user) has the ability to interact with in Enterprise.

On a broad scale, security roles allow certain service reps access to the Pay/Bill or Administration modules of Enterprise while others (without the related role) will be blind to that area of the software. Additionally, security roles define what types of reports reps will have access to. For example, it may be beneficial for recruiters to have access to the Employee Info report group, but not the Financial report group. Security roles allow this type of distinction to be made.

On a more narrow scale, security roles can allow service reps to interact with very specific functionality in Enterprise. For example, there are security roles that give access to integrations like HRCenter and E-Verify. Furthermore there are roles that allow users to edit messages, or delete invoice corrections. Security roles can be created to specifically drill down to who should and should not have access/visibility to individual fields in Enterprise. 

*Note- This article discusses the default security roles that are available in Enterprise. If you need an additional custom security roles created, please contact TempWorks Support. 

How to manage security roles:

Begin by navigating to the administration module of Enterprise. Once there, select (1.) sec roles from the list of options on the left hand side. 

To review the sec roles that a service rep currently has, simply (2.) highlight their name from the list of reps. Any sec roles listed in the (3.) table to the right are ones currently possessed by the rep. 

To edit a service rep's sec roles select the pencil icon in the upper right hand corner. This will automatically open the "manage sec roles" window: 

To assign a service rep a new sec role, from the list of available sec roles on the left, (4.) select the item(s) you would like to assign (to assign multiple sec roles hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard as you make your selections) and click the + icon to move the sec role(s) into the assigned table. 

To remove an assigned sec role from a service rep, from the list of assigned sec roles on the right ( the item(s) you would like to remove and click the x icon to move the sec role(s) into the available table. 

User security setup reports: 

There are four reports designed to give users an even closer look at security roles in Enterprise. 

1. Form Permissions:

Displays a grid showing which security roles have permissions to see which forms. 

2. Function Permissions:

Displays a grid showing which security roles have permissions to use certain functionality. 

3. Report Permissions:

Displays a grid showing which security roles have permissions to see which reports. 

4. Security Role Permissions:

Displays a grid showing what security group each user is in. 

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