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WebCenter Vendor Portal

This guide is designed to help you utilize your access to the vendor portal within WebCenter. Here you will be able to add employees, review orders, assign candidates, and view your working assignments.

*Note*  This article is written from the point of view of a vendor. It is a generic look at the portal, therefore, it may contain topics your company does not offer to your vendors. Each TempWorks client who subscribes to it will have a WebCenter portal that can be accessed by the client's vendor.  

Log In

When you first open  WebCenter (the link may be on your client website or may be distributed directly to you), you will see the log in page where you can enter your username and password (provided for you by the staffing agency). After entering your credentials, click 'Log In' to sign into your account:

If you are attempting to log in but cannot remember your user name and/or password, you may click 'Forgot username' or 'Forgot password' to recover those credentials. You will need to enter your first name, last name, and e-mail address and click on 'Find User Name' to have the user name sent to you via email.

Click 'Cancel' to return to the sign in page.

Once you have entered the username and password correctly, you will be brought to the Home Page.

Vendor Portal Overview

There are five major sections or 'tabs' in the vendor portal:

  • Home: This tab holds a summary of your portal and any pending items.
  • Orders: This tab is where orders that you have access to can be viewed.
  • Employees: This tab can be used to view employees that are tied to your record in the system; they can either be assigned or available.
  • Reports: This tab is where reports that you have been given access to can be run. 
  • Documents: This tab is where any documents that you have been given can be uploaded.
Home Page

There are three major sections of the employee tab. 

  • Your To-Do List
  • Messages
  • My Information

Your To-Do List

Clicking any option within orders will navigate to the orders area:

  • 'All' will display all orders, regardless of status.
  • 'New' will display all orders that have not been reviewed, accepted, or rejected yet.
  • Accepted' will display all orders that have been accepted by you, the vendor
  • 'Refused' will display all orders that have been refused/rejected by you, the vendor.
  • 'Filled' will display all the orders that have been filled by either the staffing agency, the Vendor, or a combination of the two.
  • 'Closed' will display all the orders that have been closed by the staffing agency.


This area will display any messages that the staffing agency has sent out to you, the vendor.

Replying to a specific message will open an email message to the user you are attempting to contact using your browser's preferred mail-to address.

My Information

Clicking 'My Information'  will open the Profile area where you can update your vendor contact record in the staffing company's system:

  • Click 'Update Email Address' to change your email address.
  • Click 'Change Your Password' to change your password.

*Note* Enter the appropriate information then click the 'Change' button to update the email address or password. Or, click 'Cancel' to cancel this action.

You can also modify your notifications settings from this area:

Notifications can be sent to you based on different actions that are taken. Check any notification you would like to receive. Uncheck any you would not like to receive. Use the 'Check All - Uncheck All' button to select en mass.

Click 'Update' to save the selection of notifications.

*Note* All notifications are based on how your Web Portal is configured by your Staffing Provider.


The 'orders' tab displays a history of all of your orders. 

  • Orders can be searched by various criteria from the filter dropdown.
    • Select the criteria by which to search orders then select or key in the data by which to search.
    • This will narrow down the order list by the criteria selected.
    • For orders that have not been reviewed, rejected, or accepted yet, the Vendor Contact will need to click on either 'Accept' or 'Reject.'

If you choose to reject the order, you must list a reason why from the drop down.

The choices for refusing an order are: 

  • Refused Low Bill 
  • Refused No Candidate 
  • Refused Insufficient Information.
  • If you choose to accept the order, the status of that order changes to "Accepted." 
  • If you decide after accepting the order that you want to reset or reject the order, click 'Reset.'

By clicking on the 'Details' icon next to the order the vendor would like to see, a window at the bottom of their screen will appear with further details about the selected position:

The details will display the following information for the specified order:

Job Info

The'Job Info' section will include these fields: Start Time, End Time, Duration, Pay Rate, Date Order was Created, Order Type, Start Date, Estimated End Date, Number Assigned, Job Description, Safety Notes, and Dress 


The 'Employees' section will display the employees that were assigned to this order that were supplied by you.


The 'Candidates' section will display the candidates provided by you for this order. To add/remove candidates, select Add/Edit Employees, located to the right of the order number.

In the 'Add/Edit Employees' wizard, simply select which employees you would like to add by selecting the box next to the employee's name. Similiary, employee's can be removed by selecting the 'x' icon.

If you are working with a large number of employees, know that users may narrow down the employees that are displayed by selecting any of the letters across the top. This will then display only the employee's that have a last name beginning with that letter. In our example, when I select "H", Joyce Hudson displays:

Additionally, you may also search for employees by name in the "Search by name" field.

Once candidates are added, their name, status, and the date they were added will display in the candidates section of the order details. The candidate's status will default to "VCandidate." If/when their status is updated by a recruiter, the updated status will display in WebCenter immediately.

Additionally, you will be notified of any/all status changes automatically via email. To verify that you are setup to receive these automatic notifications, simply navigate to the 'My Information' (1.) section of WebCenter and verify the notification 'UpdateCandidateStatus' (2.) is selected:

Following the example below is what that email notification may look like:

Upon returning to the candidates section of the order details, we can see that the status has been updated to display 'Submitted':

Candidates with the submitted status will then have the ability to be updated as necessary throughout the interview/hiring process. Just as the Vendor is notified of any status changes via e-mail, the Vendor's main point of contact (i.e. Service Rep), will receive an e-mail notification anytime a Candidate's status is changed within the Vendor Portal.


Contacts will display any customer contacts associated with this order. For example, a supervisor may be listed here with their phone number or email address:


  • Address will display the address of the worksite.

  • Directions will display any directions that were laid out in the order within the staffing companies system.


The 'Employees' tab displays all of the Vendor's assigned and available employees.

By highlighting an Employee's name, their details will be displayed on the right hand side of the screen:

Add in new employees by clicking 'Upload Resume' or 'Manual Entry':

By uploading a resume, the system will parse the details into the respective categories.

Once the resume has been parsed, click 'Create Employee":

If you choose to manually enter the information, the 'Add New Employee' wizard will appear:

Regardless of how you enter the employee, the details will be displayed for the employee as follows:

If any information needs to be edited in these categories, click 'Edit This Info'.


Various reports can be run, printed, or exported from Web Center.

To run a report, click the 'Run Report' button to the left of the report name.

Clicking on the report category to the right of the report name and description will list all reports within that category:


Your staffing provider may provide documents which can be downloaded:

To download a document, click 'Download':

This will download the document via your browser:

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