Zipwhip Overview

TempWorks & Zipwhip™

How you communicate and how quickly you do it determines the quality of candidates you attract. Thousands of staffing agencies use Zipwhip’s two-way business texting service to text enable existing business phone numbers and reach the right people at the right time.

Syncing these valuable conversations in your applicant tracking system (ATS) can provide companies with insights early in the process. Zipwhip’s TempWorks texting integration helps share text message conversations organization-wide to collaborate smarter and fill positions faster.

Decrease your cost-per-hire: Reduce pre-qualification process time and operational costs while increasing recruiter productivity.

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Zipwhip Benefits Include:

  • Screen Candidates - Speed up the pre-screening process by allowing candidates to ask questions before formally applying
  • Schedule Interviews - Avoid phone tag and missed calls by scheduling interviews via text between employers and applicants
  • Job Announcements - Alert candidates of new job opportunities as soon as they open up with Zipwhip's group texting feature
  • ‘Send Text’ Feature – Easily send a text to one individual or many from an employee record, contact record or within hotlists
  • Message Sync – Auto-sync text conversations into the relevant employee record within Enterprise
  • Contact Sync – Auto-sync contacts between TempWorks and Zipwhip

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Zipwhip & Beyond

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Zipwhip & Enterprise

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