Release Notes: 04/22/16

What’s New: Version ∞2016.4.22

  • Added a new config for Vendor Job Description. This is used so that on the Vendor Order Details page, it will show the regular job description and not the public job description. WebCenter Admins can find this under Config > Vendor. The option is labeled “Vendor Order Details Show Default JobDescription”. Set this to True to show to the regular job description.


  • Invalid local jurises will now clear out from an employee record if the employee records tax state has been changed.
  • Addressed a rare circumstance that could cause an error when trying to close out the week.
  • Evaluation questions will now display in order.
  • If the rate is 0% for NE SUTA, the amount on tier 1 and 2 will be zero.  The sPrMagFormat_ICESA_NE proc used to error when trying to find the SUTA juris because it's expecting only one row with a zero amount.  We added additional logic to say AND lower limit BETWEEN 0 AND .01  to avoid the error.
  • Altered DailyMaint4 to not update employees electronic bank information that have transactions currently in a payrollrun.
  • Altered the TimeClock_CreatePin procedure to allow for UK employees to have a proper quick pin code. (First 3 characters in surname, Last 4 digits in NIN)
  • Previously, when the Mag media export is run for NJ specifically, the file has a blank line, but when the export is run for all states, there is no blank line. The NJ mag media needs a blank line at the end and now does in both of the above scenarios.
  • If a user previously didn’t have access to a X document type, they wouldn’t be able to see that document type anywhere except for the document type drop down when uploading a new document. Now users who don’t have access to X document type won’t be able to see X document type in the drop down.


  • Updated the Initial Verification form and the DHS Reverify form so that if the user specifies "Alien Authorized to work" and enters an I-94 number and selects "List B and C Documents" that the "No Passport" indicator is set to true.
  • Fixed a rare issue where old cases that get resolved would error out.


  • When an employee was using a mobile device and clicking on the directions link to their assignment, it wouldn’t work. Now it does.


  • Updated HrCenter availability postfill procedure to postfill interest codes straight on the employee record that gets entered into Enterprise.
  • Submit buttons now display a spinning icon after being clicked to indicate that the application is busy.  All submit buttons (buttons that post data) should have this icon displayed after they are clicked.
  • HrCenter was using an outdated caching system. Now it does not.
  • Forms that were using a destination of “NONE” and required a signature will no longer error out during an employee’s application process.
  • Previously the sort order for pages was 0 (meaning display however it pleases). Now, whenever steps are created, the sort order will be assigned and stored correctly for pages added to the new step.

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