Release Notes: 08/25/2017

Version ∞2017.8.25:



  • Default period and monthly max can now be setup on adjustments in All Options > Adjustments.
  • Added new proofing error warnings to prevent discrepancies in reports and GL balancing issues due to mismatched EINCs.
    • Created a new proofing error/warning that finds when the billing EINC is different from the timecard's EINC.
    • Created a proofing error to detect when the branch of the timecard is in a different EINC than the timecard EINC.


  • When a customer enters an employee using the TWOutlookPlugin, the employee profile will now have an activation date.


  • Corrected a close week issue when WebCenter timecards have linked timecard images attached to them.
  • Updated the Clarus WOTC proc to populate Totals Hours more appropriately.
  • Now when Voiding, Reversing, or reissuing a check, the Hierarchy will match what the original checks was. This would previously use the service rep that’s performing one of those actions Hierarchy level. This goes for correcting invoices too.
  • The “Check” button on the manage web account form will become disabled if the username has invalid characters in it.



  • Pleasant Township, PA added a non-resident tax rate of 1%.
  • Center Township, PA Added non-resident tax rate of 1%.
  • Earlington, KY added a tax rate of 1.5%.
  • Added Toledo Express Airport JEDD, OH with a tax rate of 1%.
  • Rush Twp-Uhrichsville JEDD, OH  added a tax rate of 2%.

Rate Changes:

  • Updated IL supplemental tax rate to 4.95%.

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