Release Notes: 03/26/2021

Happy Spring Everyone! Enjoy the updates. 

*Note* For all self-hosted clients, as always, ensure you install all updates to give your users the best experience and new features. There are additional notes for self-hosted clients in this release.

The Highlights

Email Templates in Beyond

We're happy to announce that Employee and Contact email template options from Enterprise are now available in Beyond. This is only our first phase of development for email template options so continue to look forward to more changes coming! 

For more information, check out Beyond - How to Utilize Email Templates

Additional Updates

In Beyond

  • When creating Sense Engage events that link to assignments, the associated assignment records will be linked to the messages logged in Beyond. 

In Enterprise

  • Added Reunion, FL to the system so when typing the zip code 34747, the city/state will be available to select from. 
  • When you CC a contact on an Employee or Contact Templated Email in Enterprise, the CC contact will now receive a copy of each email sent to a recipient. 

In HRCenter

  • Assigned workflows with special characters (including '+') will now always show on the employee's record in Enterprise and Beyond. 
  • Default HRCenter form pages will no longer be available to be assigned to an employee after being deactivated in HRCenter Admin. '
    • Keep in mind that sometimes deactivated pages may take time to remove from users lists because the list is cached. 

Tax Updates:

  • Updated Kansas City, MO Sales Tax 
    • Kansas City Clay County rate = 8.725
    • Kansas City Jackson County rate = 8.85
    • Kansas City Platte County rate = 8.85 

*Note* Note to Self-Hosted Clients - 

Be sure to confirm environment readiness using the 20210326_API_Readiness_Check.ps1 script prior to updating to this release.  All tests should read "SUCCEEDED."  Refer to the email broadcast "Configuration Change Announcement (Action Required)" for additional information.

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