Release Notes: 08/24/2018



  • Updated quick view icons to match with the icon of the record users are quick viewing.
  • Optimized the speed at which data list fields are loaded.
  • Added validation when the start date was set after an assignments end date.
  • Users will no longer be able to search for/update employees within a contact’s personal card when the Employee field is set to deny read or write permissions.
  • When previewing documents in the documents page or on an employee’s visifile, users will no longer get an error if the document is not a .pdf file type. Instead, the user will be given the option to download the file in the original format.
  • The navigation options are now displayed alphabetically on the search landing page.


  • When updating the Customer associated with a contact in the customer information card, the customer search would remove what the user had typed and not allow the user to search for a customer. Now users will be able to successfully search and update the associated customer within the contact’s customer information card.
  • Sometimes when quickly moving between basic and advanced searches, the user would receive a minified react error. Now the user will not receive and error when quickly moving from basic to advance searches.
  • Sometimes the EEO card would error when added EEO information for a new employee. Now you will be able to add information to the EEO card without issue for new employees.
  • Previously users would receive a validation message when removing information from non-required fields in the employee’s Hiring form. Now users will be able to remove information from non-required fields and save without issue.
  • Sales Pipeline status will now correctly load and not be stuck in the ‘Loading’ status.
  • Previously when selecting a check from an employee’s check register, the report would never load with the employee’s check information. Now the paycheck report will display the pay information on the check selected.
  • Corrected an issue where users were unable to add an ACH bank account for new employees.
  • Previously the bill and pay rates were not being properly updated when the multiplier code was changed. Now depending on how the Multiplier code is setup the bill and pay rates will update accordingly.
  • The contact status field now populates with the correct information instead of showing a blank status when editing personal information.
  • Corrected a “Cannot read property ‘onShrink’ of undefined” error that could occur when closing various dialog windows.
  • The task menu will no longer overlap the message window when logging a message on a completed task.
  • A bookmark for the task page will now display as “Task” instead of “No Description Found”.
  • React errors will no longer log on the console due to the loading indicator being loaded before the app container has. Now, the loading indicator will load up in the correct order to prevent this error from occurring.


  • Optimized resetting displayed cards to default view process.

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