Release Notes: 09/01/2017

Version ∞2017.9.1:



  • Added new payroll and invoicing warning errors to check for different scenario's where the timecard and the check or invoice record are in different entities.  These scenarios cause an out of balance issue on JE exports as well as balancing sales to invoicing or wages to net check amount on a per entity basis.
  • Added the “Verified” check box and the “Note” field from the Interest Codes area to the employee enhanced search.
  • Employee HrCenter workflows can now be rejected in Employee > Integrations > HrCenter. The “reject” button is located in the bottom right of the form next to the unlock button.


  • The Hierarchy selector in Enterprise will no longer show hierarchy nodes that do not have any active branches unless "Show Inactive Items" is selected.
  • When completing the service rep portion of a HrCenter form in Enterprise, there will now be a “close” button located at the bottom of the page.
  • Added CustomerID to the Customers list on the Commission area. This will help users differentiate customers/departments with similar or the same name.
  • Removed the active check box from the Employee Tax dialog.
  • The column selections in the data grid on the Resume Parser form will now persist.


  • The GL Journal Entry Export will now only create account mappings if there is an amount on the record.
  • Added TxnsMaxCustName and TxnsMaxDeptName on voiding and reversing checks in sPayrollReverse. This is to ensure that both of these fields will remain the same as the original checks during a void or reverse.



  • Created a new proc that will check and remove duplicates when you run the Create Timecard From Assignments action in Enterprise. This is mainly used when there are WebCenter timecards that have been pushed to the next week and we don't want regular timecards created that will not be used because the employee is using WebCenter for timecards.

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