Beyond - How to Create Job Titles


Job titles in Beyond are a set drop down list which allows you, the admin, to control what job titles are available in your system. This also helps standardize options for your processes and makes searching and reporting options easy. Job titles can be found on the following records:

  • Employee

  • Job Order

  • Assignment

Job titles can be seen in WebCenter, Time Entry, and can even be printed on invoices (depending on your invoice style).

How to Add a New Job Title

*Note* You will need to be a member of a Security Group that contains the "Can Administrate" permission to access this functionality.

For more information on setting up Security Groups, please see the following article titled Beyond - Managing Security Groups.

  1. Navigate to B Menu > System Settings > Job Titles.
  2. Select the "+ Add Job Title" button in the upper right to open the "Add Job Title" window:
  3. Within the "Add Job Title" window, enter/review the following information: 
    • Job Title - Name of the job title as you want it to appear in your system.
    • Division - This option is used to separate or group job titles by business lines for reports and exports. For example, the Gross Profit Summary Report. Selecting a Division will automatically populate the "Skill Code" field.
    • Skill Code - Skill and Job title can be seen as synonymous in Beyond. You'll notice that searching says skill code but will allow you to search by the job title entered above and skill codes will show in a drop down on the job order. The skill code field can really just be filled out with the same information as the Job Title field. 
    • Hierarchy - Determines where the job title will exist and be accessible in your database. If this job title is only applicable to one branch, then you can set it to that branch. Most of the time, we recommend keeping job titles at the highest level (system, subsystem, or entity) to ensure all users can utilize it.
    • Category - This option groups job titles for searching in the Job Board
    • EEO Class - This option is used for the EEO Report.
    • Worker Comp Code - If you select a worker comp code here, anytime a user tries to select this job title it will ask them if they want to change the worker comp code. This is not a required field and should not be selected if you are working within multiple states as it could default the wrong state's worker comp code in that case. 
    • Show in Web - If this box is checked, then this job title will be visible in WebCenter and the Job Board. 
    • Default - Only one job title can be set as the default job title when adding a job order for any hierarchy level. We recommend using a default job title set as "unknown" or "general labor" and then having your team update the job title for each order. 
    • Active - This checkbox should remain checked. Only active job titles can be selected on a record.
  4. Once the information has been entered/reviewed, select "Submit" to add the new job title.

How to Modify the Job Title

Once the new job title has been created within the system, you can search for it using the searching functionality at the top of the Job Title window:

Once you have found the intended job title, you can edit/deactivate/reactivate it by selecting the  icon to the right of the job title and selecting one of the following options:

  • Edit
  • Reactivate (if the job title is currently inactive)
  • Deactivate (if the job title is currently active)

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