Beyond - Employee Pay History


On the employee record, there is a pay history section breaking down different sets of past pay information. It's a great place to review employee specific past pay information for check corrections, pay stubs, etc. 

This article covers: 

  1. Setting Up Permissions
  2. Accrual History
  3. ACH History
  4. Adjustment History
  5. Check Register
  6. Paycard History
  7. Taxes Year to Date
  8. Transaction History
  9. Year End

Setting Up Permissions

For users utilizing standard Security Groups, the “Can view Employee Pay History pages” permission will need to be added to your security groups for users to access Pay History on an employee’s profile.

This permission is automatically included within the following default security groups:

  • TempWorks Default - Staffing Specialist
  • TempWorks Default - Pay Clerk
  • TempWorks Default - Administrator
  • TempWorks Default - Front Office Manager

*Note* If you utilize custom Security Groups with Advanced Permissions, you will need to add the Access to the "Pay History" pages within Employee > Pay History to the Security Groups that require the functionality:

For more information on created custom Security Groups with Advanced Permissions, please see the following article titled Beyond - Creating Security Groups with Advanced Permissions.

Accrual History

When we talk about accruals, we are talking about sick/vacation/PTO time that is being tracked on the employee record. These plans might be for working in specific locations where there are required sick time laws or if your company has any vacation/sick time plans for your internal or temp employees. 

*Note* Accruals are setup within Enterprise and then can be added to the employee record within Beyond.

For more information on this functionality, please see the following articles:

ACH History

ACH history provides a history of each ACH deposit that was generated into an ACH file. 

*Note* For more information on ACH functionality, please see the article titled Enterprise - How to Create ACH and Positive Pay Files. 

Adjustment History

The adjustment history provides a list of every garnishment/reimbursement that has ever been made to the employee. 

*Note* For more information on adjustments, please see the following articles:

Check Register

The check register displays the list of checks(whether epay or live) that have been generated for the employee. 

By default,  the list will populate with checks that have been posted. To see staged checks for the employee. select "Staged" within the "Status" dropdown. Any check marked as "Staged" is currently in a payroll run but has not been fully processed yet:

Within the Check Register, users will also have the ability to view additional check details by selecting either the "Check ID" or "Check Number" within the list:

Like Enterprise, Beyond allows you to view the check details by selecting the following columns:

  • Transactions (default when opening the check details)
  • Adjustments
  • Taxes
  • Accruals
  • Extended Details (including the Payroll Run ID, when the check was printed, etc)

Finally, you can reprint the employee's paystub of the check by selecting the "View Paycheck Stub Reprint" button at the top left:

*Note* The Check Register page on the employee record in Beyond is meant to be a way to quickly view check information.

In the event checks need to be posted, voided, reversed, etc, this will need to be done within Enterprise. For more information on this functionality. please see the following articles:

Paycard History

Paycard history is for those utilizing paycard integrations. This section displays each time the paycard has been funded.


Taxes Year to Date

This section summarizes the tax amounts paid so far. This includes the gross pay amount, the amount that is taxable for each tax, and the current amount taxed.

*Note* For more information on the tax functionality, please see the article titled Beyond - How to Manage Employee Taxes.

Transaction History

"Transactions" are each line item in Time Entry. The transaction history shows each individual time entry transaction for the employee's entire pay history.

Be default, this page is shown via a "Standard" view, including the "Total Bill" and "Gross" columns.

To easily view the hours per transaction, select "Hours" within the "View" dropdown, which will include the "Pay Rate", "Regular Hours", "OT Hours", "DT Hours", and "Doubletime Pay Rate" columns:

To customize the columns that appear within the page, right click on the column banner and select which columns you would like to include (you can scroll within the list for more options):

Year End

Tax documents such as W2s, W2-Cs,1099s or 1095s, can be viewed and printed from Beyond.

*Note* For more information on this functionality along with necessary permissions to access the page, please see the article titled Beyond - Reprinting or Viewing Tax Documents.

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