Reports & Administrators

This article reviews how to setup users to be able to run reports, and links to reports that are helpful for admins. 

This article includes:

  1. Setting Up Users to Run Reports
  2. Reports for Admins

Setting Up Users to Run Reports

Report access is managed by security permissions in Enterprise and Beyond. In order for you to grant users access to run specific reports, you will need to manage their security settings in whichever system(s) they use. Note that setting up security permissions in one system does not automatically set them up in the other system. 

Security Roles

Security Roles, or Sec Roles, manage permissions in Enterprise. For more information on sec role basics, check out Security Roles

In administration, you can navigate to each user and grant them access to a category of reports by adding the sec role named after the report group. These report groups coincide with the report categories in the reports section.

Security Groups

Security Groups are how admins manage permissions in Beyond. For more information on security group basics, check out Beyond - Managing Service Reps & Security Groups

The Report category of the Security Groups section can be found under B > System Settings > Security Group > Report. 

You will first want to divide your users into different report access levels whether that is by user job title, location, etc. We recommend starting by creating a group that will have the permissions to access all reports.  

Once you create a report Security Group, you will be able to select which reports this group of users can run by selecting either an entire category of reports (ex. Orders & Assignments) or using the arrow to single out specific reports that group can run (ex. Under Productivity). 

Next, add your users to the members section to give them selected permissions. 

Reports for Admins

The following is a list of reports we think admins might want to utilize to help manage the system. 

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