Release Notes: 08/12/2016

Whats New Version ∞2016.8.12:

  • Added an export button to the contact Groups area. This export button exports all the contacts in a Contact Group to an xmlss file. (Excel can open these files despite the warning message you may receive upon trying) You will find this button in the upper right hand corner next to the email contacts in group button. This file includes the Contacts name, Company, Department, Title, Office Phone number, and email address.


  • Previously, when deactivating a contact who is listed as an Invoice Email Recipient, the system would deactivate the contact but they would still be listed as a recipient. The system however hides recipients who are inactive, so users would have no idea that the contact will still receive emails. Now contacts will be removed as recipient upon deactivation.
  • Modified the procedure Labor_CheckinEmployee to allow the employee to be checked into a different branch after the employee has already been checked into a branch for that day. (Dispatcher)
  • Updated Cricket Wireless email suffix to This is so SMS emails work properly for employees with Cricket Wireless.
  • The system deactivates an employee’s bank account after 2 months, but only if the employee had been paid previously. Now the system deactivates the bank record regardless if the employee has been paid or not after the two months have gone by.
  • Corrected an issue that could would cause the mass update rates function to not work correctly when using the function on the customer record.
  • Found and corrected an issue that could cause emails to not send correctly for users using Outlook 2016.
  • Improved speeds when abandoning pos pay runs to prevent time out errors that some users were experiencing.
  • The approved by field on a commission plan will become blank if all commission formulas had been deleted off that plan.

TWOutlook Plugin:

  • Resume Parser now checks for duplicate entries before adding work history and education items to an employee.


  • Added a Patterson OH tax rate of 1%


  • On the servicerep side, the required number of pages to upload on certain forms were previously not validating correctly. So for example, if your Federal I9 form is set to require a service rep to upload at least 1 document before signing it, it would still allow the service rep to sign the form without uploading a document. This validation is working properly now and won’t allow the example scenario mentioned.
  • Previously, when assigning HrCenter workflows in Enterprise, the pages would not appear in any order. Now they will match the order that was set on the workflow in HrCenter Admin.
  • Refactored forms area in preparation for IOC
  • In HrCenter mobile, the inactivity message didn’t fit on the page correctly. Now it does.
  • Corrected an issue that caused the inactivity timer to not actually kick people out after users had been inactive for too long.
  • In the form builder when previewing your form, forms that had multiple pages wouldn’t split apart and they appeared to all be one long page. They appear more split now.
  • Added NY HRC default withholding procs (fx_HRC_Employee_Prefill_NewYork_W4, fx_HRC_Employee_Postfill_NewYork_W4)
  • Added Vermont HRC default withholding procs (fx_HRC_Employee_Prefill_Vermont_W4, fx_HRC_Employee_Postfill_Vermont_W4)

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