Release Notes: 10/11/2019

Welcome to our new & improved release notes! This will be our new release format to help you navigate through all the new and updated features in our system. 

*Note* For all self-hosted clients, as always, ensure you install all updates to give your users the best experience and new features. 

The Highlights

Default Beyond Security Groups

To help make setting security levels in Beyond easier, we’ve created default security groups that you can use to set security permissions for each user. Default security groups will continue to be updated as new permissions and features are added. For more information, check out Beyond - Managing Service Reps & Security Groups

HRCenter Mobile Enhancements

We've made a few updates to HRCenter to continue to enhance the user experience for those accessing HRCenter on mobile web browsers (phones & tablets). This includes updates to the branch selection on the registration page and additional loading icons. 

Additional Updates

In Beyond

  • New! New permission added called 'employee-modify-gpi'. If user does not have this permission, they cannot edit any Government Personal Identifier (SSN, NIN, SIN). This permission is not currently part of any of the default security groups but will be added to default groups next release. Not sure how to change permissions for a user in Beyond? Check out Beyond - Managing Service Reps & Security Groups

In Buzz

  • Employees with multiple profiles in Buzz can now remove individual profiles. Employees previously only had the option to remove all profiles.
  • To make opening addresses in an employee's GPS app easier, tapping on an address under a map will now open up the phone's default GPS app. Tapping and holding will now copy the address to allow the employee to paste it into whatever app they’d like.

In Enterprise

  • For Clients in Illinois Only: updated reports displaying an employee’s work history to no longer display pay rate information for employees living and working within Illinois, based on the new Illinois Wage and Benefit legislation.
  • Updates have been made to 1094/1095 forms to help prepare for this year's year end processing. For more information on the 1094/1095 process, check out 1094/1095 Process

In HRCenter

  • Updated some descriptions of HRCenter Admin configs to better describe what the config does. The descriptions were updated on the following configs:
    • Text of Select Workflow
    • Custom Registration Text
    • Custom Landing Page Message
    • Auto-approve steps
  • New! If an applicant is logged out due to inactivity, a message will now display at the top of the registration/landing page letting them know why they were logged out.

In WebCenter

  • Vendor contacts will now see that the Safety Notes, Dress Code and Candidates fields within an Order’s details were moved to separate column from the Job description column in order to allow better visibility of the fields.
  • On a WebCenter timecard, employees and/or contacts can now add an adjustment amount up to 7 digits where previously could only do 5. 

Tax Updates:

  • Updated tax rate for Chagrin Falls, OH from 1.5% to 1.85%.
  • Fixed sales tax for NM out of state and WA Clark County unincorporated area.

API Updates: (For Self-Hosted Clients) 

  • A few API endpoints have been established related to Beyond and Buzz chat functionality.

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