Keyboard Shortcuts

What are keyboard shortcuts?

Enterprise has Keyboard Shortcuts to help navigate through the software. These shortcuts are tremendously helpful for users who prefer to use the Keyboard over the mouse. The Keyboard Shortcuts are also helpful to navigate directly to a form instead of clicking several times to get to a form.

Basic list of keyboard shortcuts:

To view a list of Keyboard Shortcuts, click the E button in the upper left corner. 

Select Keyboard Shortcuts:

General Shortcuts:

Create Employee

Alt + 1  

Create Customer  

Alt + 2 

Create Order  

Alt + 3 

Create Assignment

Alt + 4 

Create Contact

Alt + 5 

Navigate to Employee

Ctrl + 1

Navigate to Customer

Ctrl + 2

Navigate to Order

Ctrl + 3 

Navigate to Assignment

Ctrl + 4

Navigate to Contact

Ctrl + 5

Cancel entered, unsaved data

Save data on current form

Ctrl + S



Resume Parser

Alt + Shift + 1 / Alt + Shift + R


Alt + F12


Alt + Left Arrow


Alt + Right Arrow 


Alt + Home


Alt + R 

Switch Branch

Alt + B 

Pay/Bill Shortcuts:


Employee Lookup

Numpad PLUS (+)

Customer Lookup

Numpad MULTIPLY (*)

Copy Current Transaction

Copy Current Transaction

Time Entry Shortcuts:


Back Office Dashboard

Alt + T 

Time Entry

Alt + I

Filter by Employee Name

Numpad PLUS (+)

Filter by Customer Name

Numpad MULTIPLY (*)

Filter by SSN


Copy Current Transaction (Create duplicate timesheet)

Alt + C

Add new adjustment to currently selected timecard

Alt + A

Toggles expanded timecard details

Numpad DIVIDE (/)

Timecard Linker Shortcuts:


Link Timecard Image (From Timecard Image Linker) 

Alt + L 

Unlink Timecard Image (From Timecard Image Linker)

Alt + U 

Rotates image counter-clockwise

Ctrl + UP

Rotates image clockwise

Ctrl + DOWN

Next page in the PDF 

Ctrl + RIGHT

Previous page in the PDF

Ctrl + LEFT

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