Beyond - Setting Up Sense

Setting Up the Sense Integration

Once you have your account with Sense and have worked with your TempWorks Account Manager to set up this integration, use the following steps to get you and your users ready for Sense.

*Note* In order to text using Sense, you will need to use the Chrome browser and download the Sense extension. Please see the Sense Knowledge Base for further instruction on the other tools that the Sense integration supports.

Giving Users Access to Sense

The administrator that is setting up the Sense credentials will need the "Can Text" permission. All other users who will be utilizing the Sense Texting integration will not need this permission.

  1. Navigate to B for Beyond menu in the upper left
  2. Select System Settings > Security Groups
  3. Select Permission category
  4. Either: 
    • Add users to any group that already has this permission OR
    • Create a new group with the "Can Text" permission checked and add users to it (remember that users can only be part of one permissions group and will inherit all the permissions that you check.

Looking for more information? Check out Beyond - Managing Security Groups

Users will also need to be apart of a message action security type to see the messages on the corresponding record type.

Adding Sense Credentials

Once credentials have been gathered from Sense, they will be entered within Beyond:

  1. Navigate to B for Beyond menu in the upper left
  2. Select System Settings > External Service > Texting
  3. Select the + in the upper right
  4. Select Sense as the provider
  5. Enter credentials provided by Sense including Client Id and Client Secret
  6. Select Submit
  7. The credentials will be saved for you to view
  8. Once credentials are saved, you will be presented with a Notification URL that will need to be provided to Sense

Once credentials are saved and validated, information from Beyond will automatically sync to Sense for texting and engage automation. The following record types send to Sense:

  • Employee 
  • Customer
  • Contact
  • Order
  • Assignment
  • Service Reps

*Note* In order to sync Employee, Contact, or Service Rep records, you must have a phone number and email on file. Please keep in mind that phone numbers on the service rep record must match the phone number used in Sense to correctly log messages.  

This syncing process can take upwards of 24-48 hours before the records are able to be accessed within Sense.

In the event you are not seeing records that should be accessible within Sense, please contact our Support team. 

Manually Syncing Records

While information will automatically sync every 24-48 hours to Sense, if you've made a lot of changes, you can force the system to sync earlier

System Sync

As an admin, you can view when your system last synced and manually sync information to Sense. 

  1. Navigate to Beyond Menu > System Settings
  2. Select External Services > Texting 

  • Last Sync Date and Time will be located in the lower right corner. 
  • Select the Manual Sync button on the left


Record Sync Options

If a lot of updates have been made to a single record, you or your sense users can sync an individual record. 

Navigate to the Sense Sync charm on any record to see sync information and click the sync button to sync the record. 

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