Release Notes: 04/08/16

What’s New: Version ∞2016.4.08

  • E-Verify has been upgraded to v29.


  • Baltimore city taxes take precedence over Baltimore county taxes in Maryland. Enterprise was previously not respecting this and now will.
  • Fixed an FK constraint error that could occur when deleting an invoice correction.
  • The top Year to Date (YTD) data on the check summary form could look off due to rounding. Since the bottom YTD was already rounding, we made the top YTD round too so that they match up correctly.
  • Fixed a subpaycons error that prevented you from processing a subpaycons run
  • Fixed the check number validator in the payrollrun wizard.
  • Corrected a bug that could cause the gross profit to calculate incorrectly when a user creates and processes timecards with a zero dollar gross. (So processing a timecard with only a net adjustment on it)
  • Updated commented out code that we use when a client wants to export over the check date / invoice date / payment date instead of the weekend bill date. (GL Journal entry export)
  • Fixed a Data Truncation error that could come up when updating previous adjustments with an authority.
  • Fixed two bugs in the Business Code Types administration form
    • When clicking through the list of the business codes, Enterprise thinks you edited a business code and asks if you want to save your changes when navigating off the page.
    • When editing an existing business code by changing a description or unchecking the active checkbox and attempt to save, you get an updated not allowed error.


  • Updated the fx_HRC_Employee_Postfill_Availability form to use views instead of the root tables. This is to prevent multiple inserts of the same interest code on an employee file.
  • Added in the HrCenter document type of State W-4 and created a default mapping to the document type of Documentation.
  • Errors in the form builder http requests are properly handled now. (issue with 300 series actually being errors)
  • Added a missing null SSN check on the basic info postfill procedure.
  • Pages in the Form Builder will no longer randomly reorder themselves when editing forms.
  • The Basic info page will no longer error if the County list is null (UK)

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