Release Notes: 08/11/2017

Version ∞2017.8.11:



  • We now keep track of what the Allowances and Marital Tax Status are when a check is processed. For any checks processed from this point forward, Enterprise will display the Allowances and Marital Tax Status as they were at the time the check was processed. For checks processed prior to today, Enterprise will not display the Allowances or Marital Tax Status in the Check Details screen.
  • Added additional logging on Employee fields such as HierID, Active, and Activation Date. These fields will be logged and show up on reports moving forward.
  • Updated the Standard Global Cash Card export to allow employees with blank addresses to be included in the export. Also added a new config called “GCCChkSavOrExp”. This config can control whether Savings, checking, and Global Cash Card accounts will pull or not pull into the export. The default for the config is to pull each of those accounts, but if you'd like this changed, contact Support.


  • Added FIPS code (2635988) for AL Child Support Authorities.
  • Fixed a DataPortal Error that could come up for users when saving Employee ACA information.
  • When on the select records page in the invoice wizard, the back button wouldn't actually take you back to the previous step. Now clicking the back button will take you back as it should.


  • Improved performance in the Management Report.



  • Modified the standard postfill used in HRCenter Direct Deposit form builder forms because previously, the postfill did not look to see if the entity is setup to auto update prenotes. If an entity was, it would add the Direct Deposit info but without the prenotes. Now the postfill will properly add the prenotes in this scenario.
  • Added ISNULL checking for some of the fields passed into the EssentialStaffcare postfill procedure. In some cases, NULL or blank values were being passed in which caused the message logged on the employee file to be blank.


Rate Changes:

  • Maine removed the highest tier from their income tax tables, so we did too for Maine calculations.


  • Updated the mag media procs for states AL, CA, IL, IN, KY, LA, MD, MI, MO, MS, NC, NJ, OH, SC, TX, VA, WA, WI, and WV to have the wages associated with the pay codes that exempt from tax to be excluded from the gross wages in the mag media files. 


  • There were two jurises for Bethlehem because it spans two counties, but both jurises were linked to the same citycode. Updated one of the jurises to be linked to city code 73039 and added a geoloc option for zip code 18018. 

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