ADP SmartCompliance WOTC Overview

TempWorks & ADP SmartCompliance

To help you focus on recruiting, retaining and developing your talent, ADP can help to streamline, simplify and optimize HCM-related compliance matters and processes like Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) tracking, management and compliance monitoring.

The ADP SmartCompliance Work Opportunity Tax Credit Solution offers a variety of screening, follow-up and tracking tools to help maximize the capture of eligible tax credits while minimizing work for applicants and hiring managers

WOTC is a federal tax credit program designed to encourage employers to hire and retain individuals from specific target groups that have historically faced barriers to employment, including social assistance recipients, veterans, and long-term unemployed. With credits of up to $9,600 per eligible employee, WOTC could save your company a lot of money.

The ADP SmartCompliance WOTC solution provides simple, efficient WOTC tax credit screening in a way that fits easily within your hiring process.

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ADP SmartCompliance Benefits Include:

  • Maximize completion of WOTC-related screening information by applicants
  • Capture information more easily by streamlining the experience for staffing companies
  • Simplify the process for eligible applicants to provide required documentation
  • Track, manage and gain insights into your WOTC program performance
  • Deliver tax credit reports, activity notifications and time-sensitive dashboard reminders

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