Tips for Navigating Through Enterprise

Whether you are a new user or a seasoned Enterprise expert, this document will show users some of the best tips for navigating through the system. 

Tip One: Look to the left

By looking to the left, users can always determine where they are in Enterprise. For example, in the image below by looking to left users can tell they are currently viewing an (1.) employee record. Continue to look up and users will see they are in the (2.) visifile of that record. Whose record exactly? The (3.) avatar area in the upper left hand corner tells users this is Kate Austen's record. 

This principle follows through all of Enterprise - no matter where you are in the system you can always look to left to determine what record you are currently viewing.

Tip Two: Icons

It can be easy to overlook a small and discreet icon - but do not be one to fall into such a trap, icons offer users: ♦ Functionality that cannot be accessed in other areas of Enterprise. Specifically the actions menu (hand icon in the record avatar) and reports icon (pie chart) offer additional options and reporting specific to the record you are viewing. 

Shortcuts. So often in Enterprise we run into times when records are related to another. For example, customers and contacts - a contact record is almost always associated directly with a customer record. Or an assignment is always tied to one employee. This being the case there are icons built into the system to help users quickly interact with....

....and jump to these related records: 

Tip Three: Navigation and History Icons

 These three icons are so helpful for navigating through Enterprise they get a special mention. Whether you are in a sales, recruiter, or payroll role one thing you have in common is that you work in a fast paced industry. In just one day you could talk to 50 people - so what's an easy way to jump between all these people? The navigate back icon, navigate forward icon, and history drop-down:

Use these icons in the same fashion as you would in any internet browser to easily jump back to a record if an employee or contact returns a voicemail.

Tip Four: Right-Click: 

Anytime you come across a table in Enterprise (search results page, time entry dashboard, hot list, message list, assignment list, etc.) you can essentially guarantee yourself that right-click functionality is available to you. Similar to icons, right-clicking an item within a table will open new options and shortcuts that were otherwise hidden from you. 

For example, by right-clicking an employee from a search results page, the ability to log a message, email, text, add to hotlist, and more is now available:

Tip Five: Keyboard Shortcuts

Not a fan of the mouse? Use built in keyboard shortcuts to refresh pages, save records, change your hierarchy, navigate to different areas of the software, and to create entirely new records. One of my personal favorite keyboard shortcuts is the combination of Alt + I which takes users directly to the time entry dashboard. For a full list of keyboard shortcuts available, select the E  button keyboard shortcuts:

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