Text-Em-All Overview

TempWorks & Text-Em-All

Text-Em-All enables you to fill job orders with just one text and/or voice message. In minutes, you can reach five people or 5,000. There are no group size limitations, no delays in message delivery, and no limit on users.

Text-Em-All has been the mass messaging leader for staffing firms since 2005. We have over 14,000 active clients and send more than 20 million monthly messages. We’re the only platform that gives you the ability to reach individual candidates and also message large groups. Easily manage replies to your messages online as well.

Your candidate database is one of your most valuable tools for filling jobs. Text-Em-All enables you to reach more candidates and do it faster than the competition. Call, text, or both – we give you a competitive advantage.

Want to learn more about Text-Em-All? Check out their website: https://www.text-em-all.com/

Text-Em-All Benefits Include:

  • Fill jobs faster
  • Request missing timesheets
  • Acquire new talent
  • Confirm candidate availability
  • Reach any size contact group
  • Text, call or have an individual text conversation

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