Education Module- WebCenter Setup

WebCenter Setup

Teacher and Substitute WebCenter Access

Both the school administrators and teachers who will be entering substitute teacher requests in webcenter (Contacts) as well as the substitute teachers (Employee) who will be viewing and accepting jobs will need to have a WebCenter Account with proper WebCenter User Role permissions.

When inviting to WebCenter, the substitute must have a role that has been setup in webcenter to allow them to accept orders. A contact must have a role that allows them to enter orders.

Setting up WebCenter Roles

Substitute Teacher Role (Employee)

In Webcenter Admin, click on the Roles Button, then select Employee

The Role setting that will allow a substitute to view and accept a position is outlined below. We recommend you create a separate User Role for substitutes giving them this permission, as traditional staffing employees you generally do not want them to be able to self assign to orders.

Teacher/Administrator Role (Contact)

The Teachers and Administrators (Contacts) will need a Webcenter role that gives them access to see the orders in webcenter. It is this same permission that also allows them to submit order requests.

In Webcenter Admin, click on the Roles Button, then select Contact

 The permission outlined below controls whether or not a contact can see the order button.  If the contact has this permission AND a configuration is turned on to allow orders to be created/submitted via WebCenter, Contacts with this permission will be able to submit substitute teacher requests via WebCenter.

Inviting/Managing Contacts and Employees to WebCenter

For information on inviting a Contact or an Employee to WebCenter  or changing their permissions; please review the following Knowledge Base article Manage Web User Account .

When inviting Employees and Contact to WebCenter, ensure that you are granting them a role that will give them permissions as outlined in the "Setting Up WebCenter Roles" section.

There are several configurations that need to be enabled a well as an education specific Order form will need to be setup.

Order Request Forms Setup

To setup an education order request form; go to Webcenter Admin and click on the Order Form button

Click New Order Request form

Enter in a form name, then select the fields of data you would like to capture and not capture by moving them to the Active or Inactive column respectively. This is easily done by clicking and dragging between the two columns.

You may also change the order they appear in on the form by clicking and dragging them vertically in the active column. You may select the required check box if you would to require the contact to provide that information or you may deselect the required checkbox if you would like the field to be on the order request form but not make it required.

 Click save.

You may create as many order request forms as you want. You many have different order request forms for different school districts, schools or even classrooms. The order request forms can then be associated with the specific school districts/schools/classrooms/teachers using the Order Request Form config outlined in #2 in the WebCenter Configurations section.

WebCenter Order Configs

There are several configs associated with the education module.  These configs can be specified based specifically on the customer, department, contact, or user role. Below are several configs that should be addressed when setting up the education module.

1. The "Check Closure Schedule" config if enabled will turn on the cross checking of the school closure calendar against the dates that the order is being requested for. If this is turned on and there is a conflict between the school closure dates and the date range of the order, the requester will need to submit multiple orders. 

2. "The Order Request form" config determines which of the custom order request forms previously setup will display when the customer adds a new order.

3. "Associate Orders By Department" config when used in conjunction with your Customer/Department/Sub Department etc setup will allow for a contact to see orders for all departments that are lower in the customer hierarchy than their contact record sits at. For example, if your customer primary is the school district, the department is the individual school and the sub department is the individual classroom. You can turn this configuration on, and the School Superintendent who is a contact at the Primary Customer record will be able to see the order for all schools in his/her school district, while a principal who is a contact at the department (individual school) level will be able to see the orders for all classrooms at his or her school.

WebCenter Timecard Configs

There are several configs that when used together allow for the substitute teachers timecard to automatically be created based off the school hours and the days that they were scheduled to work. If desired no entry of time or additional approval by the school or school district needs to be done.

4. "Timecard workflow Type" config can be used to indicate instant approval. This will bypass the step that requires the order supervisor to approve the web timecards. Order associated with instant approval will automatically be in TempWorks Enterprise as approved timecards.

5. "Timecard Auto Lunch Value" can be setup so that the teachers lunch is automatically deducted.  In most cases school districts have a flat amount they pay a substitute per day in which case this would not be used.

6. "Timecard Auto Lunch Qualifying Min" configuration works in conjunction with #5 Timecard ASuto Lunch Value. This config determines how many hours the substitute must work before having auto lunch populate on their timecard. The value entered on this config is in minutes. The value displayed below is an example of a setup where the employee must have time entered or be scheduled  8 hours (depending on if the teacher enters their time or their assignment is configured to automatically populate time based off the order schedule: Configuration #6) before they have the lunch deducted.

7. "Timecard Auto Populate Time" configuration can be setup so the start and end times from the order will automatically populate on the timecard. There will be no need for the Substitute Teacher to enter their timecard in WebCenter.  NOTE: this will only work if they are also setup with the configuration #8 for WebCenter to automatically create the timecards when the week is opened.

8.  When enabled, "Use Web Time" will automatically create the WebCenter timecards each week and as a result will allow for configuration #7 to automatically populate the substitute teachers time into a timecard based on the scheduled hours from the order.

9. The "Hide Salary Payrate" configuration can be setup so that the Substitute Teacher can see their payrate when viewing the assignment in WebCenter.

Adding a new order in WebCenter

To add a new order, the Administrator or Teacher (Contact)  accesses WebCenter and clicks on the orders button in the top right,  then clicks Create Order Request

Below is a sample of what a new order request looks like based on the settings in the Order Forms Setup section of this document. After completing the information on the form, click submit request.

If an order request encompasses school closure dates that are setup on the customer/education/calendar, the submitter will receive a message at the bottom of the order request form, and they will need to change the order dates so that the substitute is not scheduled over a school closure date.

Currently multiple orders will need to be submitted if for example the order is for 3 month maternity leave and during that time there is a two week winter break. The requester would need to enter one order for dates before winter break and another order for dates after winter break.

Below is an example of an order that was attempted to be submitted for dates that span a school closure.


When a substitute teacher logs into their Webcenter account they will be able  to accept orders that are available to them.

If the order has required documents  and/or interest codes, these can be used to determine whether the  job is visible to the substitute. If the substitute lacks an interest code/required doc that pertains to the order, the order will not be visible.

After the order has been accepted the substitute may view that assignment from the assignment tab of their Webcenter. Additionally they will be able to create and submit timecards. For more information regarding web time card entry check out Employees: How to Enter and Submit Timecards.

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