Release Notes: 09/09/2016

What’s New Version ∞2016.9.9:

  • Added configs to allow a message to be left in the employee and assignment records when an evaluation has been completed. (CopyEvalMsgToEmp, CopyEvalMsgToAsgmt)
  • Rebranded LexisNexis to First Advantage.
  • Pressing the F1 key in Enterprise now opens up Internet Explorer and navigates you to a TempWorks Knowledge Base article depending on where you are currently in Enterprise. For example, if you were on the employee merge screen, hitting F1 would bring you to our Merge employees knowledge base article. Having the hierarchy selection open will bring you to hierarchy and so on and so forth. If the form you are currently on hasn’t been linked to a knowledge base article yet, you will be brought to the search articles page and it will search in Knowledge base for what form you are on.


  • Added zip code 45248 to Cincinnati, school district Oak Hills in Hamilton county.
  • Service reps in the UK will see the pound sign instead of the dollar sign on the Top 5 customer widget.
  • Optimized the GLSspBrecItemUpdate. This would take 10 minutes to load previously and it has been brought down to 3.
  • Now passing Gender to the order for First Advantage.
  • Fix for adjustment calculations enforcing period limits across weeks and bi-weekly.
  • Removed non web public interest codes from showing up in JobBoard.
  • Previously when you undid check corrections, the check that removes the correction would always be inserted into prchecksubpushed whether the check was ran in a sub push run or not. Now undoing check corrections will only insert into that table if the check was actually in a sub push run.
  • Added a check in Enterprise to prevent multiple error dialogs to appear over and over again. For example, previously if a user left Enterprise open for a night and a network path not found error had come up, it may come up multiple times over night and the user would have an abundance of error dialogs to close. Enterprise now prevents this and only one error will show.
  • Corrected an issue that could cause two messages to be logged on an invoice instead of just one when an invoice is emailed.
  • Searching for is null or is not null start/end dates on orders will no longer net an error upon searching.
  • Added validations in the Electronic payment area for adjustments.
  • Commission formulas in apps used to make the tiers get cut off slightly. Now this won’t occur.
  • Hiding ACA options now for UK users.
  • Previously, when messages were linked to more than one employee, the incorrect employee would display when viewing the message. Now this won’t occur.
  • When running the Everify details report (clicking the case number hyperlink when processing an Everify case), any dates with NULL would appear in the report as 1900-01-01. Now they will appear blank.
  • When changing a candidates status on an order, a message would be logged on the employee file. The message action left on the employee record however, would be incorrect in some cases. Now the appropriate message action will be left.


  • Updated a Clinton County Ohio sales tax rate that will go into effect 10/1/16. The rate will be 6.75%
  • Added a city tax rate of 1% for Corbin Kentucky.


  • The problem was that in the get timeclock timecards paged proc, we were excluding punches that were marked as double punches but were not excluding the whole shift. Fixed the proc to include the double punch punches. (wc_TimeClock_GetTimecardsPaged)
  • Fixed the query execution failed for dataset ‘wc_datasource’ error that would occur when the TimeClock Approved Web Timecards report was run.
  • Previously on the mobile view of the paycheck history page list, the total hours were being rounded. Now the total hours will be displayed correctly.
  • When trying to access the timecard tab on the customer side, the user would get a timeout error while trying to load the timecard information. Now this won’t occur.
  • Entering a space after AM or PM would net a validation error. Now trailing spaces are trimmed.
  • Optimized viewing the users tab for WebCenter admins


  • Updated the postfill procedure for Missouri W4 that’s responsible for updating dependents. This was previously not updating the value properly. (fx_HRC_Employee_Postfill_Missouri_W4)
  • Dropdowns on HrCenter forms were previously still showing up on the PDF file after a user had submitted the form. Now drop down boxes won’t show.
  • Submitted steps will now show up correctly in Enterprise. Previously if an HrCenter user submitted a step and a user tried to find them in Enterprise, it would still show as InProgress.
  • Previously, users using Internet Explorer and editing HrCenter forms wouldn’t see their changes immediately after navigating away and back to the form. This no longer will occur.
  • When clicking on a button in HrCenter to go to the next page, that button will appear to have a loading circle around it indicating that the page is loading. If an error however came up after a user clicked (ex. Missing ssn, number of dependents, etc.), the button would stay in a loading state and couldn’t be clicked on. This no longer will occur.
  • Themes were previously not working on Form pages, now they do. Theme colors can be edited in the tenants area for HrCenter Admins.
  • Fixed some ADP error messages from not showing up when they should have.
  • The inactivity log out message was previously not displaying on the landing page. Now it does.
  • Users can no longer continue past the Equifax page if the page was set to be required

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