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What is Core?

No matter the size of your staffing agency, TempWorks Software suite of staffing solutions can meet your needs. For staffing agencies with as few as one or two users, TempWorks Core offers a simplified workflow process to streamline your staffing operations. From recruiting and sales to back office functions, Core delivers the out of the box staffing tools you need to increase your staffing agency’s efficiency. At a low cost of $49* per user per month and no long-term contract terms, TempWorks Core provides a cost-effective solution to help you operate with efficiency and increase profitability.

For more information about core see Welcome to TempWorks Core.

What Does it Mean to be an Admin in Core?

In Core, what you have access to in the database is related to your security role. There are a few admin options for users:

Front Office - Admin

The front office admin role gives a user access to some administration tools to help manage information for other front office users. They will be able to add additional options for fields front office users fill out often and audit the system to ensure all information is being filled out correctly.

Back Office - Admin

The back office admin role gives a user access to some administration tools to help manage back office functions. They will have access to the administration section of TW Core where they can set up custom data fields, worker comp codes, and adjust information as needed for back office processors.

System Admin

The system administrator is typically someone found at your HQ or main branch. This person will have complete access to your system allowing them to manage a lot of the options and settings found under administration. There typically are only a handful of administrators at any organization because they can see and make changes to the greatest amount of information.

Not sure about which security role you have? Ask your administrator or owner.

For more information on Security roles see Core - Security Role Overview.

Where to Start:

Article specific to administration options are located under Core for Administrators folder on the left.

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