1094 - Accepted with Errors


Your file was uploaded to the IRS and one or more of your files are currently in a status of "Accepted with Errors".

Please read the below carefully and review the due dates for resolving these errors.

*Note* To aid your investigation of the issue, you can run a new report found in Enterprise titled the “1094 Accepted with Errors”. In this report, you will see a list of years (Starting in 2022) & the parsed-out information that has been received from the IRS.

1094 Errors & Explanations

Below is the list of the most common errors.

Please make sure to review your “Accepted with Errors” file and review only the errors that relate to you.

*Note* Not all these errors will be related to what you received from the IRS.

Error NumberIRS ErrorExplanation
1Form 1095C OtherCompletePersonName and SSN in EmployeeInfoGrp must match IRS database.The employee's name & SSN do not match the IRS database.
2The Information Return CoveredIndividualName and SSN within CoveredIndividualGrp must match the IRS database.One of the employee's covered individuals (1095-C Part III) does not match the IRS database.
3If OtherCompletePersonName in EmployeeInfoGrp has a value, then SSN must have a value.The employee is missing an SSN.
4If Form 1095C checkbox CoveredIndividualInd is not checked, then all entries in CoveredIndividualGrp must not have a value.One or more of the Covered individuals in Part III doesn't have a name.
5If Form 1095C AnnualOfferOfCoverageCd does not have a value, then all occurrences of MonthlyOfferCoverageGrp (JanOfferCd through DecOfferCd) must have a value.1095-C line 14.
JanOfferCd through DecOfferCd do not have values for coverage code.
6If any data element in Form 1095C MonthlyOfferCoverageGrp (JanOfferCd through DecOfferCd) has a value of "1B", or "1C", or "1D" or "1E", or "1J", or "1K", then the sum of the corresponding data element in MonthlyEmployeeRequiredContriGrp (JanuaryAmt through DecemberAmt) or the AnnlEmployeeRequiredContriAmt must have a value less than 10,000.Employee 1095-C line 15.
Amounts from Jan - Dec add up to more than $10,000.

If your file(s) contain errors 1-3, these relate to the IRS’s TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number) validation.  In other words, the SSNs and names contained in the file don’t match IRS records for one or more employees or their covered individual(s) (if you had a self-funded plan).  It could be that an individual changed names or got married and didn’t update it with the SSA (Social Security Administration), or the name could be misspelled in Enterprise or the uploaded 1094-C file. 

TempWorks has verified that the name/SSN data contained in the 1094-C file matches the information inputted by your business into Enterprise.  

The IRS recommends taking the following action to both rectify the errors and minimize or avoid penalties wherever possible: 

  1. For each affected employee, get a copy of the Social Security Card to verify name and SSN match; and
  2. Verify the name/SSN through the Social Security Administration.
    • Note: They will only give you a name match response of "yes" or "no".
      • If "no", then you’ll need to document all the steps taken to try and verify the information.

In addition to these steps, TempWorks recommends you contact affected employees directly and use other federal documentation you have available to verify the SSN.  Document all steps taken to solicit the correct information for each employee.  

*Note* These steps are further outlined in Publication 1586.

If your file(s) contain errors 4-6, please provide the correct values if you wish to have us update these and resubmit the file with the new information. 

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