Release Notes: 09/08/2017

Version ∞2017.9.8:



  • Added an calculation warning for mixing tax exempt paycodes with non-exempt. The error states, “Mixing paycodes with tax exemption may affect pre-tax adjustment calculations, please review and/or process separate checks for these transactions.”


  • Refactored advance bank logic. Please visit our how to void and or reverse checks article for details.
  • Modified function PrCheckView_IsSubsetOfRootTable to pass through an aident parameter. This means that you now can add wages as long as your current hierarchy can see all check for the employee.
  • Modified fx_GetTimecardsForInvoicing procedure to prevent time cards being returned/displayed if their EINC does not match the invoice run EINC. Timecard EINC must match the EINC of the invoice run to prevent GL and report balancing issues.
  • All invoice recipients, including inactive contacts, are now displayed when looking in In Customer > Invoice Setup > Billing Setup. This is so the contact can be removed from invoice recipients if they have already been marked inactive.
  • Users can now select and post multiple First Advantage results from All Options > Integrations > First Advantage. To do this, Hold the CTRL key and click the items in a list to choose them. If you want to select items that are adjacent, Click the first item, then press the SHIFT key and hold it. Click the last item and release the SHIFT key.


  • Removed the Auto Invoice Day option from All Options > Admin > Branch.
  • Added the ability to reissue a check as a paycard.


  • Modified EPayrollNote to varchar(255) to match other tables. This was to allow editing and viewing invoices with an EPayrollNote greater than 50 Characters.



  • Updated the wording on the start screen instructions before applicants begin an application. It would had previously stated to use the navigation buttons on the bottom of each page when they are at the top.
  • Updated some Spanish translations. “Get Started” is currently “Comenzar Evaluación” and will now be “Empezar”. “I choose not to disclose” is currently “Prefiero no reveler” and will now be “Elijo no divulgar”.
  • Added a forgot password link to the HrCenter applicant login screen.
  • Made the continue button larger for third party integrations so that applicants can easily see it. 
  • Added an additional error check on the employee direct deposit HrCenter form. This will check to ensure that he entered routing number is the correct character length.


  • In rare instances previously, pages with required fields will get marked as completed with no data in them. Updated how our validations work so that this can no longer occur.


  • Behind the scenes work has begun for allowing users to click on a link which would take them to HrCenter and log them in.


Rate Changes:

  • Added 3 Local city worksite taxes for West Virginia.
    • Parkersburg $2.50 weekly tax.
    • Fairmont $2.50 weekly tax.
    • Weirton $2.00 weekly tax.

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