Release Notes: 07/14/2017

Version ∞2017.7.14:



  • Replaced the existing browser with the new EO browser when signing HrCenter documents in Enterprise. This is to prevent an incorrect browser version error from showing when a service rep signs a page.
  • Previously, when processing invoices with a customer that is setup to print with timecard images, timecard images would be attached for all customers in the invoice run. Now, the individual customer's’ billing setup will be followed.
  • Added the ability to search for completed workflows in All Options > HrCenter > Search. This can be selected by opening the additional options area and setting the “Current Step Status” to “Completed.”
  • Added a “Close Ticket” option in Dispatcher and this gives clients the ability to close out tickets that will no longer be used. Clients will want to close tickets to improve load times in Dispatcher. You can find this option when right clicking on an open ticket in the Dispatcher area.


  • Added a new hyperlink URL type called Secure Website. This hyperlink type allows users to create hyperlinks to secure websites.
  • The create message shortcut (Alt + 6) will no longer create duplicate messages.
  • When refreshing transactions on the proofing errors page, the page could display that there were no proofing errors even though that wasn't the case. This no longer occurs.
  • Fixed the “There are no additional steps. Mark completed.” and “OK” buttons in Employee > Integrations > HrCenter. This button would previously act like it had not been clicked on when it had been. 
  • Modified the WPF layout engine in the Interest Code tool under Employee > Visifile. This was done to fix rare issues of the Interest Code area becoming unresponsive.
  • When creating Dispatcher orders, Enterprise now only recalculates OT/DT rates from the default multiplier code if the user has not selected a multiplier code.
  • Added a validation for adjustment rule cases to prevent users from being able to create a max value rule over 100%.
  • Corrected an issue that would cause a user to be unable to change a selected role from the invitation side of the Web User Account screen.
  • The database no longer requires that an adjustment exists on an employee record for it to exist in the year end records. The reason for this is to prevent errors from occurring when deleting adjustments that have never been paid but existed on the employee when the year was closed.      
  • Updated GL Account imports to allow for the special character "·”. This character was coming in as a ? previously.
  • When logging a message with a message action that deactivates, the message will only deactivate a linked employee if the message action is employee relevant and it will only deactivate a linked contact if the message action is contact relevant. This was previously deactivating both records regardless of the relevance.



  • Added the build date to the HrCenter Admin footer.


  • Required drop down options created in the form builder will no longer default to the first value in said drop down.
  • You can no longer assign an info page with all the fields marked as “Do Not Show”.
  • Uploading a branding logo for the first time will no longer cause an object reference error in HrCenter Admin.
  • In a situation where an employee had missing data for a required question on the accordion pages, the validation wouldn't appear and the employee would be able to submit the application. Validations will now appear in this instance.


Rate Changes:

  • KS increased supplemental withholding tax rate from 4.5% to 5%.
  • Macedonia, Northfield Ctr JEDD, OH, increased tax rate from 2% to 2.25%.
  • Uhrichsville, Tuscarawas County, OH, increased tax rate from 1.75% to 2% .


  • HI SDI and NY PFL can be overridden in PrTaxTierE.


  • Modified the NYC married highest tax tier.
  • Added new tax juris 'NYPFL' to be grouped in with Employee Other taxes on the Management report.

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