Enterprise - Assignment Calls

Assignment Calls

If your staffing company requires weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly calls on all active assignments, this section of Enterprise™ will help.  The calls section allows you to receive automated prompts to call for updates on your assignments. To configure this feature, speak with your TempWorks representative.

An example of the system prompt you would receive are automatically created tasks. 

Begin by navigating to an Assignment Record > Details > Calls

First Day Calls (1):

This section will auto-fill the first and second call scheduled based on the employee start date on the assignment record.  The first call and second call made on fields are intended for use by the service rep to fill in when they have completed those calls.

Other Calls (2):

This section can be utilized by the sales or recruiting representative to track that the customer has been contacted and has confirmed how things are going.  Also, to track if both the customer and employee have been made aware of the canceling of a project in that scenario.  

Call Settings (3):

Skip weekly calls on this assignment: this option will allow you to override system prompts on individual assignments to call each week.  

Skip ending call on this assignment: this option will allow you to override the system prompt to call at end of assignment.

Number of Days Between “Weekly” calls: this drop down will allow you to choose how many days in between prompts you would like on this assignment.

Other History (4):

These numbers are auto calculated by the system based on the assignment start date.  

Hours 12 months: total hours works in the past 12 months

GP 12 months: total GP of this assignment going back 12 months

Sales 12 months: total sales of this assignment going back 12 months

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