Release Notes: 04/29/16

Whats New Version ∞2016.4.28:

  • Added a test API button so that users can validate that the API is setup correctly and working. Some things that would cause this to fail:
    • Invalid guid that is not in the users database.
    • Invalid tenant name.
    • Connection string is invalid for that tenant name.
  • The Prefill Procedure Configuration for HrCenter Information pages are now hidden from the admin when creating/editing these pages.
  • Master Invoice number has been added to the invoice register data grid. This can be grouped on so you can see all invoices merged with it more easily. You may have to right click on the data grid columns and click on “Master Inv Num” to make it appear.


  • Fixed some crashes that would occur when searching for employees in the HrCenter search.
  • Updated PDF library to 2.15.3
  • Hourly Threshold Accrual types will no longer show when adding an accrual on the employee file. These types are obsolete.


  • HrCenter logos will now display properly when you are on a non-tenant page
  • Inactive Forms will now show up correctly when ticking the inactive filter.
  • There is no longer a timeout dialog when in HrCenter Admin.
  • There is better error logging in HrCenter now.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause run time errors when an applicant is beginning a workflow. We also no longer allow special characters to be entered into workflow names.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause forms to overlap each other after submitting an application.
  • The Identification Info block Identification types have been limited to Driver’s License, Passport, and Other for UK only.


  • The home button is now hidden when viewing JobBoard from within WebCenter. This was due to the home button redirecting users to a different webpage.
  • The Employee Assignment Details Hide Contact Tab config was previously not displaying properly when set to true/false. Now it will. 

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