Beyond - Mass Mailer Account Setup

What is a Mass Mailer Account?

A mass mailer email account allows multiple users to use the same email address. Typically these accounts are not tied to an individual but to a service or group. Example, or

These emails can be set up at the System level in order to be shared with one or more teams to use. 

Beyond has a few system level settings that an admin should consider when using email in the system. 

*Note* Only users in a permission type security group with the "Can Administrate" permission will be able to see and set up System Email options. 

This Article Covers:

  1. Adding a System Mass Account
  2. Providers
  3. System Signatures

Adding a System Mass Account
  1. Navigate to the B for Beyond in the upper left
  2. Select System Email
  3. Select Mass Accounts 
  4. Select the + in the upper right to add an account
  5. Choose your provider (if no provider listed, choose other) 
  6. Enter the following information:
    • Email
    • Password
  7. Select Next. At this point, Beyond will attempt to determine the correct SMTP settings based off the email address that had been entered.
  8. Review or modify the information based on what was found:
    • Host (SMTP server information - see below)
    • Port
    • Encryption Method
    • Username (usually your email address) 
    • Password
    • Don't know your information? We recommend checking with your IT team.  We've included some common default settings below.
  9. Select Next.
  10. Enter the following information:
    • Description - easy identifier for your users (ex. Onboarding Email or Payroll Email) 
    • Name - Name you would like to have displayed when sending
    • From Email - email address you are sending from
    • Reply to Email (optional) - if you would like a different email for them to reply to
    • Default Signature (optional) - signatures that you set up can be defaulted to already be inserted when an email is created from this email address
    • Teams - Select the team that should have access to this email (Check out Beyond - Creating & Managing Service Rep Teams for more information)
  11. Select Submit.

Default Email Settings
Mail ProviderHostPortAuth Method
Office 365smtp.office365.com587Auto
Mailchimp (Mandrill)smtp.mandrillapp.com587Auto
Outlook (AKA Hotmail / Live)smtp-mail.outlook.com587Auto


This section allows you to add default settings for when your users set up their own email. Currently, we only support Mailchimp (Mandrill) under provider setup. 

To add your Mailchimp (Mandrill) account information: 

  1. Navigate to System Settings > System Email > Providers
  2. Select the + to add a provider
  3. Select Mandrill 
  4. Enter the following information
    1. Account Name - identifier that will make it easier for users to know what to choose
    2. API key - From Mailchimp (Mandrill) 
    3. Sub Account - From Mailchimp (Mandrill) 
  5. Click Submit

Now when a user goes to add their email under user settings, they will be able to pick the Mailchimp (Mandrill) Settings you already set up: 

They will then be able to add their email address from their Mailchimp (Mandrill) account and have the settings populate for them.


Signatures under system settings allow you to set up different signatures that all users can use. These signatures can be set up as defaults on the system level email accounts or just used as generic templates for new users to copy and edit. 

To Set Up a System Signature

  1. Navigate to System Settings Settings > System Email > Signatures
  2. Select the + in the upper right to add a new signature
  3. Enter a name for your signature (this will be used for your team to select from when they want to insert a signature) 
  4. Copy and paste or type in your signature 

Email Signature Tips & Tricks:

  • Selecting the text color button ( ) allows you to pick from default color pallette or use the Hex color code to add your own color to match your branding. 
  • Use the Insert a Link option to include a link to your company's website in your signature. 
  • Select the More Rich options to add emojis, symbols, or a horizontal line in your signature:
  • Select the More Options on the right to view your signature in full screen, select all text, or (if you are feeling tech saavy) use HTML to format your signature. 

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