Setting Up the Microsoft Outlook Add-in

What is the Microsoft Outlook Add-in?

The Microsoft Outlook Add-in is an integration that allows TempWorksTM users who are also working with Outlook to get the most out of their email and their database.

*Note* This add-in is a sidebar that can be utilized in both the Outlook desktop application and the web browser-based platforms. The Outlook Add-in does not work with the mobile Outlook application and mobile web browsers.

*Note* Currently, the Outlook Add-in is only available to our hosted clients & utilizes Beyond. If you have not set up Security Groups or utilized Beyond, please talk to your Account Manager first. In order to log messages within the Outlook Add-in and Beyond, each user will need to be part of a Message Action Security Group

For information on system requirements see Microsoft's Requirements for Running Office Add-ins

How Do I Start Using the Add-in?

In order to utilize the TempWorks Outlook Add-in, your Outlook Admin will first need to install the add-in for your email server. 

*Note* The add-in is only available on messages and appointments while composing or reading. For a full list of limitations on the add-in see Microsoft's Outlook Add-in Overview.

With Outlook, there are 2 different kinds of email servers: On-premise (sometimes known as Exchange) OR  Cloud (commonly known as 365 hosted). It's important to identify which email server you are utilizing before installing the add-in. 

This Article Reviews: 

  1. On - Premise Server Instructions
  2. Cloud (365 hosted) Server Instructions
  3. Rolling out the Add-in to Users

On-Premise Server Instructions:
  1. Navigate to your email server's Outlook Admin Center
  2. Select organization on the left and choose add-ins 
  3. Select the + icon to install a new add in and choose the option "Add from URL" 
  4. Enter the URL:
  5. Select Install

Cloud (365 hosted) Server Instructions:
  1.  Navigate to your Microsoft 365 Admin Center 
  2. Select Settings > Services & add-ins on the left 
  3. Select the Deploy Add-in option
  4. Choose the "I have a URL for the manifest file." option 
  5. Enter the URL:
  6. Select Next to install

Rolling Out the Add-in to Users: 

Once the add-in has been installed to the email servers, you will have a few options for rolling out the add-in to your company. Double click on the add-in if you do not see these options. 

Option 1: Enabled by default

This option will automatically turn this add-in on for all email users on your server. They will then be able to turn it off if they no longer want to utilize it. 

Option 2: Disable by default

This option will add the Outlook add-in option for all users. Users will need to select the add-in in order to use it. 

To select the add-in: 
  1. Email users will be able to turn on the add-in by navigating to the web version of their Outlook. 
  2. From here, login with your credentials. Be sure to include your domain:
  3. Once you are within your inbox, select the gear in the upper right portion of the screen. Then select 'Manage add-ins'
  4. The add-in should already be installed  by your administrator for you. Simply select the 'Turned on' check box:

Option 3: Mandatory, always enabled 

This option will automatically turn this add-in on for all email users on your server. Users will not be able to remove the add-in themselves. 

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