Release Notes: 05/26/2017

Version ∞2017.5.26:



  • Created new NTO configs that will allow users to set default values for the fields NTO Qualified and NTO Reason Code.
    • Configs are DefaultNTOReasonCodeId & DefaultNTOQualified.


  • In Time entry, updated the datagrid in the detailed timecard area and the ‘Edit timecard details’ area for webcenter timecards.  These screens will now accurately accommodate different webcenter timecard template setups including second lunches.


  • Corrected an error that could come up if a user attempted to edit/save and assignment that had a start/endtime with characters in it.
  • An error will no longer show when a user attempts to preview an email that has over 1000 attachments on it.
  • An email’s subject and body (when mailed through mass mailer) were not showing the correct invoice number that was attached to said email. Emails will now have the correct invoice number.
  • Broadbean applicants will now show correctly when the display grid is expanded.
  • The “Print invoices with timecard images” context menu on the invoice register will now print invoices with timecard images even if the Customer is setup to invoice without timecard images.
  • Timecard imports were previously pulling in weekend bills from other entities if the employer records were at system level. Now only weekend bills will show if they are available in your hierarchy.
  • Deleting interest codes will no longer delete the interest code preferences.



  • Added 3 new Webcenter configs for auto populating timecards.
    • Timecard Auto Populate Time: When active, this config will auto populate timecards with the Start and End times listed on the assignment. This will only auto populate when a timecard is auto created.
    • Timecard Auto Lunch Qualifying Min: This config is entered in minutes and controls if a timecard should auto populate a lunch value on the timecard. If the assignment day’s total hours are over the qualifying value, the lunch will be populated; if under the lunch will not be populated.
    • Timecard Auto Lunch Value: This config controls the lunch value, in minutes, that will be auto populated on qualifying timecards.



  • Altered sPayrollFindBadChecks to error if taxcalculeid is 0.  This error is meant to notify the user that a tax may not have been handled correctly and that the check should to be reviewed.

Rate Changes:

  • Updated the resident and non-resident rates for the following counties in Indiana:
    • Boone 1.5%
    • Brown 2.5234%
    • Delaware 1.5%
    • Fountain 1.55%
    • Franklin 1.5%
    • Gibson 0.7%
    • Henry 1.5%
    • Jackson 2.1%
    • Jasper 2.864%
    • Jennings 2.5%
    • Noble 1.75%
    • Ohio 1.25%
    • Perry 1.81%
    • Pike 0.75%
    • Pulaski 3.38%
    • Rush 0.21%
    • Shelby 0.15%
    • Tipton 0.26%
    • Union 1.75%
    • Whitley 1.4829%


  • Added Colorado Springs to zip code 80911

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