Beyond - E-Verify Case Search

What is E-Verify?

Beyond allows users to integrate E-Verify seamlessly into the system for quick and easy processing for employment eligibility. 

*Note* This integration does require additional setup and an existing relationship with E-Verify. For more information about getting this setup, and pricing inquiries, please contact your TempWorks Account Manager. Check out Beyond - Setting up E-Verify for more information. 

E-Verify Case Searching

Need to look up a recent case or cases you processed in Enterprise? You can use the E-Verify Case Search to review case information including status. 

*Note* If you don't see the E-Verify Case Search option or you can't click to view case details, ask your Administrator for help. There are required security group permissions in order to view E-Verify Cases. Check out Beyond - Setting up E-Verify for more information.

To Find the E-Verify Search: 

  1. Navigate to B Menu > Records > E-Verify Cases:
  2. Select "Search" to see results: 

Click on any case number to review the case details, continue the case, etc. 

Search Options Available

Search by Field

"Search by Field" works with the search text to search based on a variety of field options. Tap on the drop down to see the field options available: 

Search by Value

"Search by Value" allows you to enter text you want to search for in whichever search field you selected. Ex. Searching for Last Name of Smith


This option allows you filter your results based on case status (select from open cases, cases in progress, etc.)

Date From & Date To

This option allows you to filter results based on case start date. Ex. Looking for a case created no earlier than Jan 1st and no later than March 1st: 

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