1094/1095 Process

1094/1095 Process

1094/1095 process details the necessary steps in order to sign up for 1094/1095 services in TempWorks® for the year. This involves signing up, generating, printing and mailing the 1095-C documents, and uploading the 1094-C documents to the IRS.

The 1094/1095 process requires the following 4 steps:

  1. Sign-Up
  2. Survey
  3. Create 1095s
  4. Approve

*Note* To schedule your 1095-C Processing call or 1095-C Q/A call, please navigate here. Make sure you complete Step 1: Sign-Up below to complete your registration for this service. You need to sign up every year for each FEIN you would like us to file.

You must be a Bridge Admin in order to complete the Sign Up step and register your company.

Review the TempWorks Year End calendar, including start and end dates of all year end services, here.

Select the expand button to view in full screen. Closed captioning is available by selecting the CC button on the video player.

Step 1: Sign-Up

You will need to complete the following steps in order to complete your registration for this service.

  1. In Enterprise, make sure you are at the highest hierarchy level in your system and navigate to pay/bill
  2. Select Other > 1094-C/1095-C
  3. Once the 1094/1095 form is opened, you will see a list of years to select from. If you do not see the current year, select the plus icon in the upper right-hand corner to add it:
    • If you need to add a new row, this new form will pop up so you can insert the relevant 1094 data. After you select an Employer from the drop down, the company information will auto fill from the Employer record. These fields can be modified before saving and can be modified during the 1094/1095 process if necessary. 
    • If the current year is there, or if you've completed adding it, you can double click the row to bring you into the 1094-C/1095-C worksheet and begin the steps to generate and process them:
  4. Once you enter in your valid email, the current years contract will pop up. This will need to be reviewed and signed electronically in order to complete the sign up step with the 1094/1095 process.
Step 2: Survey

The survey questions help the system know how to determine who needs a 1095-C and the proper codes that should be used. Most of this information comes directly from your insurance plan documents. 

*Note* For a full break out of all of the questions and possible answers, please view the 1095 Survey Detail form.

Step 3: Create 1095s

This step consists of three sub steps. 

  • Click Run Init to Initialize Employees
  • Import BenAdmin Files
    • This involves providing TempWorks with the coverage data from the year. These files need to be imported within a specific format. For information regarding this step please review the following Knowledge Base article found here.

*Note* In the event a BenAdmin file is being imported to replace existing information, you will receive the following validation prompt:

If the importing of the new BenAdmin file was successful, you will see the following validation message:

*Note* In the event Step 3 within the "Create 1095's" section has been completed without the importing of a BenAdmin file, you will receive the following validation message:

  • Click Run to Create/Recreate 1095s

After Create/Recreate 1095s has been ran, you should review the 1095 Verification Report found on the right hand side of the worksheet. This report contains who the system determined needed a 1095 and exactly what will be printed on the 1095-C that will be printed and mailed to the employee within the IRS deadline.

Step 4: Approval

Once you have reviewed the report and have no further questions for the Year End team, select the "Approve" button which will open the "Approve Data" window:

*Note* After selecting the "Approve" button, please read through the entire confirmation dialog:

Once you have read through the confirmation dialog, you can select "OK" and TempWorks will start the printing process.

Selecting "OK" will return you to the 1094-C/1095-C worksheet section of Enterprise, and you will not be able to de-select the "Approve" button:

If you need further assistance, please contact the TempWorks Year End team.

*Note* Regardless of whether this box is checked, TempWorks will begin performing the 1094-C and 1095-C services on the published deadline date displayed in the Approved area of TempWorks.

What Happens Next?

The next step is TempWorks will upload the 1094-C documents to the IRS within the deadline. Before they are uploaded, the TempWorks Year End team will email a copy of the 1094-C Verification Report for review. In the event you do not require TempWorks assistance uploading the 1094-C documents to the IRS, please reach out to your TempWorks Account Manager.

*Note* To review the IRS instructions please click here.

Need to Reprint a 1095-C for an Employee? 

1095-Cs and other tax documents can be reprinted from the employee record in Enterprise and Beyond. 

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