1094/1095 Process

1094/1095 Process

1094/1095 process details the necessary steps in order to sign up for 1094/1095 services in TempWorks® for the year. This involves signing up, generating, printing and mailing the 1095-C documents, and uploading the 1094-C documents to the IRS.

The 1094/1095 process requires the following 4 steps:

  1. Sign-Up
  2. Survey
  3. Create 1095s
  4. Approve

*Note* To schedule your 1095-C Processing call or 1095-C Q/A call, please navigate here.

Review the TempWorks Year End calendar, including start and end dates of all year-end services, here.

Step 1: Sign-Up

The sign-up process for 1094c/1095c printing is handled by your TempWorks Account Manager.

In the event you would like to sign up for 1094c/1095c printing, and you have not previously, you will need to contact your TempWorks Account Manager.

Navigating to Enterprise > Pay/Bill > Other > 1094c/1095c > Worksheet while not being signed up for 1094c/1095c printing services will show the following:

Clients that have signed up for 1094c/1095c printing will see the following when navigating to Enterprise > Pay/Bill > Other > 1094c/1095c > Worksheet:

Step 2: Survey

The survey questions help the system know how to determine who needs a 1095-C and the proper codes that should be used. Most of this information comes directly from your insurance plan documents.

 *Note* For a full break out of all of the questions and possible answers, please view the 1095 Survey Detail form.

Step 3: Create 1095s

This step consists of three sub steps. 

  • Click Run Init to Initialize Employees
  • Import BenAdmin Files
    • This involves providing TempWorks with the coverage data from the year. These files need to be imported within a specific format. For information regarding this step please review the following Knowledge Base article found here.

*Note* In the event a BenAdmin file is being imported to replace existing information, you will receive the following validation prompt:

If the importing of the new BenAdmin file was successful, you will see the following validation message:

*Note* In the event Step 3 within the "Create 1095's" section has been completed without the importing of a BenAdmin file, you will receive the following validation message:

  • Click Run to Create/Recreate 1095s

After Create/Recreate 1095s has been ran, you should review the 1095 Verification Report found on the right hand side of the worksheet. This report contains who the system determined needed a 1095 and exactly what will be printed on the 1095-C that will be printed and mailed to the employee within the IRS deadline.

Step 4: Approval

Once you have reviewed the report and have no further questions for the Year End team, select the "Approve" button which will open the "Approve Data" window:

*Note* After selecting the "Approve" button, please read through the entire confirmation dialog:

Once you have read through the confirmation dialog, you can select "OK" and TempWorks will start the printing process. 

Selecting "OK" will return you to the 1094-C/1095-C worksheet section of Enterprise, and you will not be able to de-select the "Approve" button.

If you need further assistance, please contact the TempWorks Year End team.

Regardless of whether this box is checked, TempWorks will begin performing the 1094-C and 1095-C services on the published deadline date displayed in the Approved area of TempWorks.

*Note* By completing the approval step, in the event you utilize WebCenter, employees are able to access their 1099's and 1095-C's electronically via their Home or Pay History screen:

For more information, please see the article titled Employee: The Pay History Tab.

What Happens Next?

The next step is TempWorks will upload the 1094-C documents to the IRS within the deadline. Before they are uploaded, the TempWorks Year End team will email a copy of the 1094-C Verification Report for review. In the event you do not require TempWorks assistance uploading the 1094-C documents to the IRS, please reach out to your TempWorks Account Manager.

*Note* To review the IRS instructions please click here.

Need to Reprint a 1099 or 1095-C for an Employee? 

1095-Cs and other tax documents can be reprinted from the employee record in Enterprise and Beyond. 

For 2023 and beyond, 1099s and 1095-Cs are able to be viewed and printed within WebCenter.

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