How to Utilize the Clarus WOTC Integration

Clarus WOTC

Clarus solutions helps you as the staffing company maximize the benefits of participating in the WOTC (Work Opportunity Tax Credit) program as well as utilizing these features through HRCenter with TempWorks.

*Note* If you are interested in the Clarus integration, please work with a TempWorks representative for pricing and setup inquiries. 

Once initial Clarus setup is completed, you will need to add the Clarus step to your HRCenter workflow. If you are not sure how to add a step, follow this link: How to Create & Edit Workflows.

Additionally, an export will be setup to allow you to extract Clarus data from Enterprise.

Applicant Process

Below is an example of what the experience through HRCenter will look like for the applicant/employee once it has been added as a page and inserted into your workflow.

Once the applicant arrives on the Clarus WOTC page, they will select the 'here' button:

This will redirect their browser to a survey filled with additional questions with regards to the WOTC credit. Any information already collected as part of the workflow will be pre-filled into the survey expediting the process for the applicant:

Lastly, they will need to verify if the information they have inputted within the questionnaire is true and accurate:

Clarus Export

As applicants/employees finish the Clarus questions, navigate to Pay/Bill to export the data to Clarus.

Within Pay/Bill, select the actions menu, 'Export':

From the export file wizard, ensure Clarus is chosen under the 'select category' drop-down. Within 'select-procedure,' select the 'Clarus New Hire Export.'  Enter a start and end date to pull a range of Clarus details as shown:

If a Clarus payroll feed was setup, ensure Clarus Payroll feed is selected within the 'select procedure' drop-down as shown:

*Note* The employee record will be updated with the appropriate WOTC Eligibility status when CLARUS logs a contact message for the employee's eligibility

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