Posting Messages to the WebCenter Home Page

What is the Messages Section of WebCenter?

In the Employee and Contact portal of WebCenter, the home page contains a section titled messages where they can quickly see a list of recent notifications or personal messages from their recruiter or sales staff.  

It's quick and easy to get messages out to an employee, a contact, all of your employees and all of your contacts. All you have to do is log a message!

Adding a New Message to a WebCenter Portal 

You can add a message to an individual or blast out a message to all employees or all contacts. 

  1. Log a message on an employee or contact record
  2. Set the message action code:
    • Web Message – will post what is entered only to the person’s web center portal that you are logging the message on.
    • Web To All – will post what is entered to EVERYONE (contacts and employees) who log into the web center portal.
    • Web To All Employees – will post what is entered to all employees who log into web center.
  3. Enter the message as you want it to display in the WebCenter Portal
  4. Select Save

Examples of when to use what:

  • An employee has a birthday, use Web Message
  • The office is going to be closed for a holiday, use Web To All
  • Announcement of referral bonus plan, Web to All Employees

The same process is used when logging messages on a contact, the only difference is you will see Web To All Contacts when logging a message on the contact record instead of Web to All Employees.

Looking for more information on logging messages? Check out:

What Happens Next

After you log the message on an employee or contact record will display on the home tab of their portal. 

To learn more, check out:

*Note* If your employees are using Buzz, messages will appear within the app too. Check out What is Buzz for more information. 

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