Posting Messages from Enterprise to WebCenter

Communicate with your employees and contacts using your TempWorks WebCenter portals.

It's quick and easy to get messages out to an employee, a contact, all of your employees and all of your contacts.

All you have to do is log a message!

Log a message as you normally would however, by using the proper message action code(s) your message will also post to your employee(s) and/or contact(s) WebCenter portal home screen:

Using an action code of: 

  • Web Message – will post what is entered only to the person’s web center portal that you are logging the message on.
  • Web To All – will post what is entered to EVERYONE (contacts and employees) who log into the web center portal.
  • Web To All Employees – will post what is entered to all employees who log into web center.

Examples of when to use what:

  • An employee has a birthday, use Web Message
  • The office is going to be closed for a holiday, use Web To All
  • Announcement of referral bonus plan, Web to All Employees.

The same process is used when logging messages on a contact, the only difference is you will see Web To All Contacts when logging a message on the contact record instead of Web to All Employees.

What the employee(s) and contact(s) will see when they log into their WebCenter Portal will look similar to:

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