Master Tax

What is Master Tax?

Master Tax is a 3rd party resource to assist in payroll tax filings. There are two types of file exports (PTS & RTS) built into Enterprise which allow us to import data from Enterprise into Master Tax. This data allows you to generate returns and ACH bulk file uploads from Master Tax to complete tax filings. 

*Note* This is an additional module that may be added into your database. Please work with a TempWorks representative for assistance.

How to Complete a MasterTax Export

To access the MasterTax Export navigate to the 'Pay/Bill' area, then select the (1.) 'Actions' menu, from here (2.) select export (3.):

Once export is chosen, select MasterTax from the select category drop down.  Select the export that you wish to execute (PTS or RTS):

Once the export option is selected, enter the parameter date range for which you want to export the data.  Enter the Federal Employer ID.

*Note* If Federal Employer ID is left blank, the export will generate data for all Employer ID's visible from the current hierarchy location.

A 'Save As' dialog will appear when the data is ready. The default file name will take the form of "MT_Export_" (EmployerID) "_" (Today's Date as YYMMDD). (If EmployerID is left null, the file name will instead default to "All".)

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