Release Notes: 04/07/2017

Version ∞2017.4.7:



  • Modified invoice sales tax to calculate after the discount has been applied and will now zero out the discount amount when you abandon an invoice. This is to further ensure that the Sales Tax on invoices are being calculated properly.


  • We caught and corrected an errant error that could come up when processing EVerify cases. This delinquent error called itself, “an error occurred”.
  • In some environments, our spell check dictionaries were not loading up correctly. Now they will load up and help you check your spelling once again!



  • Updated the Default Federal 8850 form to prefill a properly formatted SSN. As an example, XXX-XX-XXXX



  • Knowledge is power right? So now when a timeclock timecard is submitted/approved, we log which contact submitted/approved the timecard. We also display on the timecard the name of the contact that submitted/approved it.


  • For those that would love to be more meticulous about their comments on candidates, we increased the order candidate comment field display size if the length of the comment text is greater than 70 characters. It'll be nice to see that entire comment now!


  • Fixed an issue regarding EPayrollNote that could potentially prevent timeclock time cards from being submitted in Webcenter. This happened when there was an automated message logged that resulted in the EPayrollNote being over the 50 character limit. Special shout out to those meticulous users for pointing this out!

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