Release Notes: 02/04/16

Enterprise (∞1602.04):

  • The time in the WebCenter log will show in UK if the WebCenter culture was set to UK in WebCenter when the timecard was entered.
  • Unposted Hold off transactions will now appear correctly on the invoicing box in Time Entry if the customer’s billing was set to ignore bill cycle.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause payroll runs being left as open if a user canceled re-printing a payroll run.
  • The imputed income previously did not create an IOU on the tax portion of the check. Now it will.
  • The search results in HrCenter would previously cache your initial search and it wouldn’t reset your search parameters unless you change the step status drop down filter to a different status. The search parameters will now reset properly.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the reprint a payroll run function to reprint the entire run even though a user had specified just some checks in the run.
  • Found an issue that could cause errors when a user parses a resume that has a “/” character in it.
  • When you click "download" on the W2 or 1099 for 2015, there was still a "Page Setup" button. That has been removed for 2015 and on, but it’s still visible and working for 2014 and prior.
  • When closing the week, a window comes up with the "statistics" of items that are left to be done before the week can be closed.  The “Open AR Batches” is one of the items, however, the number was always zero and if there is an open posting batch when the week is being closed, it would auto post it. Now the statistics window will show you the open AR batches and require you to deal with them before you close the week.
  • Corrected an issue that would cause check numbers to not get applied to checks if a user emailed paystubs but never selected an option to print/mark checks as printed.
  • Changed the error in PayrollRunCheckReversal_iu from “prior year check reversal yields negative earnings” to “Prior year check reversal yields negative earnings.  You do not have permission to void or reverse checks from previous years.”. Also cleaned up the code so that it’s easier to troubleshoot & read for support. Also made some changes to speed up the proc a bit.
  • Improved performance in the fx_report_InvoiceAging procedure to prevent timeouts when running the Invoice Aging report.
  • Added “dbo” to table names in the InviteEmployeeToWC procedure to prevent errors that were occurring when inviting users to WebCenter.
  • The Local Service Tax drop down now shows the rates for LST jurisdictions. (Only affects PA)
  • Fixed the Municipality and school district IDs in the LST table that are missing their leading 0. This makes it so that you can tie the LST table to the PA Linking table for municipalities and school districts that start with 0. (Only affects PA)
  • You will now be able to see PSD codes that start with a 0 on the PSD Code dropdown on the worksite and the employee. (Only affects PA)
  • Fixed an issue that could cause an employee’s name not to show up on paystubs if the address box field on checks were missing
  • The Reprint Wage Summary Forms action menu option was not correctly handling the federal employer ID of the company of a contractor in some situations. (e.g. a non-numeric character in the Federal Employer ID field).
  • Updated the W2 printing procedure so that the employer ID shows in quadrant two.


  • The problem was that if you had the Pay History tab disabled for the employees role, the Manage W-2s link would show but the employee would get an error stating that they don't have access to it. Now if the Pay History tab is hidden the W2 link is hidden as well.
  • Previously,  the SSN display on the customer timecard review page wasn't respecting the Show 4digit SSN config. This area now respects the config.
  • If a user previously opted out of electronic only w2s (opting in for paper w2) the system would not save your choice. Now the system will save your choice.
  • Created two procedures to handle storing and recalling the Cell Carrier values submitted by online applicants. For instance, when an applicant applies online and enters a cell phone number, a cell phone and an SMS Email contact methods will be added to the employee file.

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