Release Notes: 09/23/2016

What’s New Version ∞2016.9.23:

  • Users can no longer filter for “All” in WebCenter. This is to improve search performance when searching for Applicants, Customers, Vendors, etc.
  • Invoice recipients now get moved over when moving orders.
  • Added a plethora of contextual help areas. (That’s the F1 Help button that was added a few weeks ago)
  • Added a config called suppressnonpayweektimecards. If turned on, it will prevent non weekly transactions from creating in weeks they are not active. If turned off (this is default), it operates as it always has. This only occurs when creating timecards from the “create timecards from assignments” button in pay/bill.


  • Originally while parsing resumes for new applicants, the hire status (Applicantstatus) would be set to the row with DefaultApplicantStatus = 1 upon creating a new employee through the twoutlook plugin. We've updated the procedure to pull from the row with DefaultApplicantStatusResumeImport = 1 instead.
  • Cleaned up the Month End procedure for easier troubleshooting.
  • Rewrote Week End to allow the week to be closed correctly even after it doesn't close correctly. Using a new week status to denote that the week is "Closing" as opposed to being "Closed" before it is actually closed to do this.  This allow users the ability to attempt to close the week a second time if the first time was interrupted. So in other words, if something goes wrong in the middle of the close week process, you shouldn't have to call us to close your week.
  • Increased timeout for timecard mapping to 5 minutes.
  • Previously, you were unable to search for In Progress applicants in HrCenter. Now you can.
  • Rejecting workflows from the HrCenter page now removes the employee from said list.
  • Removed an extra “the” that was on the Void/Reverse Check screen.
  • Put in a fix for an “SetCurrent cannot be invoked while another SetCurrent is in progress” error that could come up in Time Entry.
  • Previously, a “page numbers exceed the page count” error could come up when previewing or sending invoices that have linked timecard images in situations where the attached documents had a different number of pages attached to them. Now this won’t occur.


  • Modified the Indiana W4 postfill proc to insert data on PrEmployeeTaxRoot when the applicant doesn’t exist. Also so it updates the dependents value if the applicant does exist.
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause form builder forms using the default postfill procedure to error. This error would come up when the procedure was trying to insert null values into fields that do not allow null values.
  • The skills page validation will no longer work ONLY in situations where a database does not have any active skills (interest codes) in it.
  • Save and exit button will no longer become unresponsive when being clicked on, on the work history page.
  • Block (page) searching now works in the workflow setup wizard. (That’s the step in the wizard when you are assigning pages to your first step in the workflow)
  • Previously, drop downs with a null value would cause an “Object reference not set to an instance of an object” error when signing a form.


  • Optimized the wc_customer_gettimecardspaged procedure. This means users can view timecards a bit more quickly.
  • Fixed a processing error that would come up in the ApprovedWebTimecard Detail, Timeclock Exemptions, and the Who is Clocked In reports.
  • Fixed an issue with the Timeclock Exceptions report where it would sometimes not return results for departments when a contact was at the primary, but not the department itself.
  • Updated the Admin Users page searching for better performance.

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