Release Notes: 11/05/15

Enterprise (∞1511.05):

  • Fixed some unhandled exception errors that would occur when running a search in HrCenter and then navigating back the dashboard using the left nav pane.
  • We are getting rid of our AuthAdj adjustment and instead creating PrCheck Adj records under the AdjId of the original adjustment withheld on the employee's check.  This is so that we can maintain the detail of how much from each adjustment was paid out and in particular be able to map out to the separate accounts in the GL for each adjustment withheld instead of being able to only map the one AuthAdj adjustment. Reports will display any authority check adjustments as "AuthAdj-" + AdjName.
  • Added a memo column to the QuickBooks Invoice Payment export.
  • Updated deplete this year flag to deplete in the right direction for accruals.  Previously depletions would put you further away from a depletion limit.
  • Fixed an error that would occur during payroll when an employee's tax state was a different state then what the state juris was set to.
  • Added a section to the QuickBooks Check export to lump together all direct deposit amounts so that they hit the bank account with one amount per ach file so that they match how the show on the bank statement.
  • Removed all AccountId updates to the PrcheckTaxRoot, prcheckadjroot and PrCheckRoot tables to increase performance on the GL export report.
  • You can now add authorities to already processed checks.
  • Added State FUTA to GMCalc to produce the GM% in the Order Details page.
  • Added State FUTA to GMEst to produce the GMEst in the Order Details page.
  • Removed log deletions when abandoning payroll runs. This means you'll now see log entries for abandoned payroll runs in PrLog.
  • Resolved Data Conversion Error in QE Mag Media CSV Procedure for MA.
  • We now exclude rejected applicants from the total count on the summary page in the HrCenter dashboard in Enterprise.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause invoice payments to appear being entered twice when they actually were only entered in once.
  • An error message stating "No active steps in workflow" will now display when attempting to assign an HrCenter Workflow that doesn't have active steps.
  • Undo Invoice Correction has been added. Keep in mind you can only undo the most recent correction.


  • Coal Run KY added a tax of 1%
  • Amanda OH added a tax of 1%
  • Amsterdam OH added a tax of 1%
  • Danville KY increased local tax to 1.5%
  • Lucas County OH Sales Tax increased to 7.25%
  • Scranton PA increased LST to $156
  • Lumber City PA merged with Ferguson Township PA
  • Update mag type for Amanda OH to be RITA
  • Austin Center JEDD OH added a tax of 2.25%


  • Previously the default NC withholding form would not upload if an employee has a 9 digit zip code entered in. Now it will only send the first 5 digits of the zip code.
  • In HrCenter admin under the tenant area, there is now a button to make a custom duplicate SSN validation error that will display to the user. You can also add one for each localization. This error message will display on registering in HrCenter and in the basic info page if you reuse an SSN.‚Äč


  • Some of the user config permission settings were not being respected in multiple places. This has been fixed and efficiency improvements have been made as well.

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