Beyond - Extending an Assignment

When to Use the Extend Assignment Functionality

In Beyond, you can easily extend an assignment which can be a great way to track significant changes to an assignment overtime. For example, if the employee receives a pay raise or their responsibilities or hours have suddenly severely changed. In either case, it's nice to be able to document when this change occurred and to show how often an employee receives a raise, etc. 

The extend assignment option will end the current assignment and create a new assignment record where you can update the pay rate. 

How to Extend an Assignment 
  1. Navigate to the assignment you want to extend and select the details tab
  2. On the Job Information card, select the extend assignment button next to the start date 
  3. The Extend Assignment window will open asking for the date this new change is taking place (this could be in the past or future)
  4. Select Submit
  5. You will be directed to the new assignment with the new start date, update the pay/bill rates and any other assignment details

How it Looks on the Employee's Record

On the employee's record > assignment tab you will see two different assignment records: 

The original assignment will have a status of Rate Change and an end date that matches the start date of the new assignment.

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